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    Isopropyl alcohol 99,9% 2905120020

    Isopropyl alcohol 99,9%
    Isopropyl alcohol 99,9%
    Isopropyl alcohol 99,9%
    Isopropyl alcohol 99,9%
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    Isopropyl alcohol 99.99%

    shipment in cubes of 1000 l

    original quality certificate for isopropyl alcohol:

    Isopropyl alcohol is an organic liquid reagent without a pronounced color, with a pungent odor and a bitter taste. It is produced industrially by hydration of propylene and hydrogenation of acetone. At the moment it is considered the best substitute for ethanol, it is used in many industries.

    Isopropyl alcohol: formula and main chemical characteristics

    Substance C3H8O refers to simple monohydric secondary alcohols without aromatic bonds. Its density is 786 kg / m³, and its boiling point is 82.6 ° C. The substance is permanently in a liquid state, when cooled below -70 ° C its consistency becomes more viscous, similar to thick sugar syrup.

    Isopropyl alcohol is also called isopropanol or propanol-2, due to its unique chemical characteristics, it dissolves easily in water, chloroform, methanol and any kind of ether. The only exceptions are salt solutions of various types.

    Isopropyl alcohol, the properties of which are already well studied, also dissolves rubber, oils, resins, alkaloids, ethyl cellulose and polyvinyl butyral itself - and it does not apply to a group of toxic substances. Under laboratory conditions, this substance is easily separated from an aqueous solution - for this it is enough to add sodium sulfate or any other salt to it.

    Isopropanol is characterized by:

    high level of flammability;

    conversion to acetone as a result of dehydrogenation;

    high level of interaction with oxidants and halogens;

    formation of isopropyltoluene and isopropylbenzene as a result of condensation of isopropylene together with aromatic substances.

    If you are interested in isopropanol, what it is and how it can be used, then contact our employees. We will pay maximum attention to each client and answer all questions. You can buy a 200 l barrel of isopropyl alcohol or a 1000 l cube from us - it all depends on the needs of your production. For retail customers, there is the possibility of filling the required amount of the substance into a container.

    It is important to remember that isopropanol is a chemical that belongs to the category of fire hazard. Therefore, it is allowed to use it only away from open sources of fire. The transportation of this substance also requires adherence to safety measures and maximum tight packaging.

    Isopropanol: industrial use

    Due to the ease of obtaining this substance and its affordable price, isopropyl alcohol is actively used not only in various industries, but also in everyday life.


    Most often, enterprises operating in the following areas want to buy isopropyl alcohol:

    Paint and varnish industry - here isopropanol is used as an additional solvent for nitro-varnishes, as well as ethyl-, nitro-, cellulose acetate. As for nitrocellulose, this substance is also used for its safe transportation.

    Aviation - this substance has the ability to stabilize the consistency of deicing agent and gasoline.

    Oil refining - isopropanol is an extractant in the separation of naphthenic acids, is used for high-quality dissolution of urea, and also improves the quality of oils, their pour point and resistance to corrosion.

    In paper making, isopropyl alcohol is used to separate resins from wood.

    In the automotive industry - this substance is one of the main components in windshield washer and brake fluids, it is used in radiators as antifreeze.


    In printing houses - isopropanol is used as a moisturizing aid in the printing process.

    Isopropyl alcohol is also successfully used to make esters such as isopropyl acetate. It is also used in the production of plastics in our country - this alcohol is used for the final washing of polymers.

    Due to the low level of toxicity, isopropanol is allowed to be used as a substitute for ethyl alcohol in the production of cosmetic and perfumery products, personal hygiene items, household chemicals, as well as in the chemical, furniture and food industries. But all face and body care products containing isopropyl alcohol are not suitable for sensitive and dry skin types.

    The use of isopropanol in modern medicine

    75% isopropyl alcohol solution is used in many clinics as a disinfectant with a wide spectrum of action. It effectively removes all impurities and destroys pathogenic bacteria without leaving untidy stains on the surface. In terms of its disinfecting characteristics, isopropanol is in no way inferior to the usual ethyl alcohol.

    It is also used as:

    means for dehydration;

    a preservative component;

    a diluent in the process of recrystallization of substances;

    the main component of medical extractants and solvent essences.

    It is also often used by laboratory staff - an isopropanol solution is needed for sampling DNA, storing patient tests, as well as for conducting experiments. They are often replaced by toxic preservatives such as formaldehyde.

    getting rid of itching and healing of bite sites of different insects;

    destroying the habitats of harmful insects in the house;

    processing ornamental and garden plants in order to get rid of pests ;

    treating herpes and head lice in children and adults.

    Isopropanol is not hazardous to humans if used correctly and stored under suitable conditions. Otherwise, interaction with it is fraught with:

    Damage to the skin - the substance has an irritating effect.

    Poisoning or death - it is dangerous to deeply inhale its concentrated couples. This is possible with continuous exposure to the lungs of alcohol with a concentration of 1, 2% for more than 8 hours.

    Isopropanol vapors also act on a person like a strong drug - they intoxicate 10 times faster than ethyl alcohol.

    To buy isopropanol in barrels at a bargain price, you don't even need to leave your home - you can place an order online. This product is always available in our warehouse, for each copy we have a quality certificate. The final cost of the goods depends on the volume of your order - we provide wholesale customers with personal discounts.

    We guarantee our clients prompt execution of orders in any volume and delivery to any place in Ukraine.

    Maximal temperature of storage100 hail.
    Maximal working ambient temperature100 hail.
    Minimum temperature of storage100
    Minimum working ambient temperature50 hail.
    Packingtank-car, cubes, barrels
    Typean alcohol is isopropyl
    Type of materialPurifier
    Type of solventisopropyl alcohol
    Type of the processed surfaceany
    Type of the useUniversal

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