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    1 liter 550 UAH

    10 liters - 380 UAH / liter

    GOST 1571-82

    Gum turpentine

    Turpentine or gum turpentine - what is it and what is it from? This liquid substance is synthesized from resinous substances that are produced by conifers (cedar, pine and spruce). It is turpentine that is its main component - the price for turpentine gum in Kiev will pleasantly surprise you.

    Composition and basic properties of gum turpentine

    The substance has a light yellowish tint, intense coniferous aroma and is a combination of terpenoids and terpenes (terpene hydrocarbons of mono- and bicyclic type). For gum turpentine, the price depends on:

    the nature of the raw materials used - it can be stumps, tree branches, their needles, resin or wood itself;

    source resin, namely a variety of coniferous wood;

    the time spent on its harvesting;

    the main processing technology - turpentine is dry distillation, gum, sulfate and extraction .

    Before you buy gum turpentine in bulk, consider that this substance lends itself well to combustion, and in direct interaction with air, turpentine oxidizes and becomes thick. The density of gum turpentine is 0.86 g / cm³, and its boiling point is from 150 to 180 ° C. It dissolves well in ether, gasoline, acetic acid, acetone. Gum turpentine easily dissolves resins, oils and fats. Due to its volatility and tendency to light evaporation, turpentine is referred to as essential oils.

    Gum turpentine: application in industry and medicine

    Most often this substance is used in textile , paint and varnish and perfumery industries - this is due to the fact that turpentine is an excellent solvent. Gum turpentine is introduced into the composition of paints, varnishes, separately or together with other dissolving components. Gum turpentine is very popular in Ukraine - on its basis, terpine hydrate, camphor, lubricating oils, terpineol, insecticides, pesticides and flotation oil are made on its basis.

    But still, the priority in the use of gum turpentine belongs to medicine - both folk and traditional. Gum turpentine is worth buying to improve the blood supply to the internal organs. It has a positive effect on nerve endings and provides an intense analgesic and warming effect.

    Gum turpentine is especially effective in treatment for:

    cough and upper respiratory tract diseases ;

    the patient has intestinal parasites, lice and scabies;

    the need to ensure an intense diuretic effect;

    drug therapy for neurological diseases;

    therapy for rheumatism and hemorrhoids;

    preparation of baths according to Zalmanov.

    Gum turpentine: instructions for use and contraindications to use

    There are no particular difficulties with the external use of gum turpentine. In exceptional cases, irritation may appear on the surface of the skin - it all depends on the degree of sensitivity.

    The main number of complications appears in cases of its internal use. Most often, gum turpentine causes severe shortness of breath, migraines, sleep disturbances, nausea, vomiting, convulsions, and internal bleeding. It is strictly forbidden to use it for whooping cough, bronchial asthma, as well as nephrosis and nephritis.

    In order to avoid serious harm to health, the use of gum turpentine is recommended to be agreed with a doctor in advance. At retail, gum turpentine at a bargain price you can purchase on our website!

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    < turpentine is a flammable liquid. In contact with fibrous materials, it can ignite spontaneously at room temperature. Turpentine is explosive. Keep away from fire!

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