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    Уайт-спирит of деароматизированный (D-40) 3814009019

    Уайт-спирит of деароматизированный (D-40)
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    Уайт-спирит of деароматизированный (D-40) Bulk prices
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    White spirit (English White Spirit, from white - white, colorless and spirit - spirit); aka nefras-С4-155 / 200 or Stoddard solvent (English Stoddard solvent) - gasoline-solvent, a mixture of liquid aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, obtained by direct distillation of oil, sometimes with additional hydrotreating. Density at 20 ° C is not more than 0.795 g / cm3, begins to boil at a temperature not higher than 165 ° C, boils away within 155 (160) -200 ° C, sulfur content is not more than 0.025% (for pure white spirit). At the same time, the mass fraction of aromatic hydrocarbons should not exceed 16%.

    Purpose of material:
    It is used for thinning alkyd paints and varnishes (enamels, varnishes, primers). After drying, it gives the paints a good shine.

    White- spirit (nefras С4-155 / 200)

    Thinner white spirit is used to dilute alkyd paints and varnishes (enamels, varnishes, etc.).

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    Type of materialSolvent
    Type of solventOrganic

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