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    Monophosphate of calcium
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    Monocalcium phosphate (fodder monocalcium phosphate ) is used as a mineral supplement for all types of farm animals and birds. With feed supplemented with monocalcium phosphate, animals receive calcium and phosphorus, which contribute to the formation of solid bone tissue and skeleton, improve the functions of the animal's body, metabolism, the functioning of the nervous, immune and reproductive systems, and increase their productivity. Highly effective, environmentally friendly mineral supplements of this composition are especially recommended for feeding herbivores.

    Also used for canning in the food industry, as well as for the processing of packaging materials (food products).
    It is a gray or with a different shade of powder with the inclusion of small granules. Contains about 23% phosphorus and 17% calcium. Monocalcium phosphate has the highest bioavailability.
    Chemical formula: Ca (H2PO4) 2. Certificate

    Features of monocalcium phosphate:

    • calcium paralyzes the harmful effects of harmful elements, as sodium, magnesium, potassium, etc .;
    • calcium is simple indispensable for the normal functioning of muscles, heart, nervous system, etc .;
    • calcium promotes good digestion by activating digestive enzymes;
    • calcium enhances the body's immunity;
    • phosphorus contained in monocalcium phosphate, conducts intestinal adsorption, transport of lipids, enhances immunity, and also enters the structure of nucleic acids and regulates protein biosynthesis;
    • phosphorus does not destroy vitamins and enzymes;
    • phosphorus contained in monocalcium phosphate, does not block amino acids and proteins;
    • phosphorus is useful for all types of metabolism - carbohydrate, mineral, energy, lipid, protein;
    • phosphorus contained in monocalcium phosphate is free of heavy metals.
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    Monocalcium phosphate is one of the main types of chemical products offered by our company. Here you can buy monocalcium phosphate from pure phosphate raw materials, which meets all the requirements of European standards.

    Concentrated form of fertilizerTrue
    Kindfeed монокальцийфосфат
    Packing25 kg
    Typefeed addition
    Type of complex fertilizerOrganic
    Weight25 g

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