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    Ammoniac saltpetre is Ukraine N-34,4 3102309000

    Ammoniac saltpetre is Ukraine N-34,4
    Ammoniac saltpetre is Ukraine N-34,4
    Ammoniac saltpetre is Ukraine N-34,4
    Ammoniac saltpetre is Ukraine N-34,4
    Ammoniac saltpetre is Ukraine N-34,4
    Ammoniac saltpetre is Ukraine N-34,4
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    Industrial production of nitric acid. Ammonia as a key product of various nitrogen-containing substances used in industry and agriculture. The process of its synthesis. Physicochemical properties of ammonium nitrate.

    Ammonium nitrate is a crystalline powder or granules of white color with a yellowish tint, a salt of nitric acid. It dissolves well in water, ammonia, pyridine, methanol, ethanol. It decomposes extremely slowly under normal atmospheric conditions.

    Density 1.725 g / cm³. Melting point - 169.6 ° C, boiling point - 235 ° C, decomposition point - 210 ° C.

    Chemical formula: NH4NO3

    Ammonia saltpeter - a strong oxidizing agent; in dry form it explodes from detonators. It is not sensitive to mechanical influences (shock, friction). When exposed to fire and a spark on ammonium nitrate, ignition does not occur. In fires, it decomposes, releasing oxygen, which intensifies the combustion of flammable objects. In case of severe fires in warehouses containing a large amount of nitrate, explosions are possible due to its rapid thermal decomposition and intense gas formation.

    The use of ammonium nitrate.

    • Agriculture.

    This is a highly soluble highly effective mineral ammonium nitrate highly concentrated fertilizer. Contains 34.4% nitrogen. For agriculture, ammonium nitrate is produced in the form of spherical granules. Among all fertilizers, it ranks first in terms of use in agriculture, which accounts for 55-60% of the mineral fertilizer market. It has a high hygroscopicity, so that moisture absorbing additives are added: ground limestone, chalk, phosphorite flour, phosphogypsum.

    It is used for mineral nutrition of crops in the main, pre-sowing application and for feeding crops. The greatest efficiency is achieved when using ammonium nitrate for early spring feeding of winter wheat, winter rape, as well as for applying superficially or locally to sowing or when sowing spring crops, feeding industrial, vegetable and melon crops. A high effect is obtained when applied together with phosphorus and potassium. It is forbidden to bring ammonium nitrate under cucumbers, zucchini, squash and pumpkin, as it promotes the accumulation of nitrates!

    This fertilizer is produced as follows: nitrogen is bound with hydrogen, as a result of the reaction, ammonia is formed; ammonia is subsequently oxidized to nitric acid, and if you combine ammonia with nitric acid, you get ammonium nitrate i.e. ammonium nitrate. Such agrochemistry will contain nitrogen in two forms, that is, ammonium and nitrate (17% ammonium and 17% nitrate nitrogen, in total 34% nitrogen).

    The popularity of ammonium nitrate is explained by its versatility, so how this fertilizer is widely used in agriculture for any crops and on all types of soil.

    Composition is in every regional centerdelivery on Ukraine
    Concentrated form of fertilizerTrue
    Maximal temperature of effective action60.0
    Minimum temperature of effective action10.0 hail.
    Packingмкр type at "биг-бег"
    potassium is chlorous, sulfate of ammoniumsaltpetre is potassium and sodium,
    Preparativnaya formGranules
    saltpetre is ammoniac, carbamide, NPK 15-15NPK 16-16, ammoniac water with delivery
    Type of fertilizerAmmoniac saltpetre

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