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    Phosphorite flour - mineral fertilizer when introduced into the soil, it weakens the acidity of the soil, which is harmful to plants and microorganisms, therefore, its introduction on acidic, soddy-podzolic soils is indispensable, and for the enrichment of leached chernozems Phosphorite flour - promotes increased crop yields, plant resistance to various diseases, increases the sugar content in root crops and starch in tubers, provides a high protein content in the grain.

    Phosphorite flour - mixes well with organic fertilizers (manure, compost, etc.), increasing the efficiency of their application and soil fertility, is not washed out of the soil , within 5-7 years,there is no need to apply additional phosphorus-containing fertilizers.

    Indicators Norm
    Mineral composition,%:
    Phosphate 64
    Glauconite and hydromica 22
    Quartz 7
    Calcite 0.7
    Siderite 2
    Pyrite and Fe hydroxides 3,5
    Gypsum and other sulfates 0.7
    Others 0.1
    Chemical composition,%:
    Р 2 О 5 , not less 20 +/- 0.5
    CaO 34.8
    MgO 1.4
    Fe 2 O 3 up to 5
    Al 2 O 3 2.4
    F 2,3
    CO 2 4
    K 2 O + Na 2 O 2
    SiO 2 16
    SO 2 3.8
    Physical properties:
    Size (remainder on the grid 0, 18 mm),%, no more 10
    Moisture,%, no more 1.5

    The most effective way to apply fertilizers 30 kg per one hundred square meters in spring or in the fall before tillage.

    Unloading in railway wagons and special vehicles in bulk and in bags of 50 (20) kg

    Concentrated form of fertilizerTrue
    Preparativnaya formPowder
    Type of fertilizerFosforitnaya flour

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