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    Ammoniac saltpetre is Uzbekistan 3102309000

    Ammoniac saltpetre is Uzbekistan
    Ammoniac saltpetre is Uzbekistan
    Ammoniac saltpetre is Uzbekistan
    Ammoniac saltpetre is Uzbekistan
    Ammoniac saltpetre is Uzbekistan
    Ammoniac saltpetre is Uzbekistan
    Ammoniac saltpetre is Uzbekistan
    Ammoniac saltpetre is Uzbekistan
    Ammoniac saltpetre is Uzbekistan
    Ammoniac saltpetre is Uzbekistan
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    Ammonium nitrate 34.4

    GOST 2-2013

    TN VED code 3102 30 9000

    packing: 50 kg bags

    Manufacturer: " Uzkimyo Impeks" LLC site of the plant http://uzkimyoimpeks.uz/

    Country of origin:

    100011, Republic of Uzbekistan,

    Tashkent, st. Navoi, 38

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    Ammonium nitrate: formula and rules of use

    Ammonium nitrate has long established itself as an affordable and effective fertilizer. With its help, various types of plants are fed, increasing productivity indicators. But its application requires adherence to the established rules, otherwise there is a risk of nullifying all the effectiveness that can be achieved with its help.

    What is ammonium nitrate

    Fertilizer belongs to the nitrogen-containing group, and its chemical name is ammonium nitrate. The chemical formula of ammonium nitrate is as follows: NH₄NO₃. In appearance, it resembles granules, the nitrogen content of which is more than 30%.

    Due to the specific chemical composition, storage of ammonium nitrate is not allowed near peat, wood waste, lime and other organic substances. Such proximity can lead to spontaneous combustion of the fertilizer.

    Ammonium nitrate can be mixed with different types of fertilizers (potash,

    Comparison with urea

    The properties of ammonium nitrate are often compared to urea. However, these are two different types of fertilizers, which are united only by the granular form and high nitrogen content. Otherwise, these two drugs differ in their chemical formula, and in the specifics of manufacturing, and in interaction with other substances.

    As for nitrogen, its content in urea is 11% higher than in ammonium nitrate. Urea is used for external treatment of plants, while the use of ammonium nitrate for these purposes can burn them.

    Outwardly, these two fertilizers are very similar to each other, but upon closer examination it turns out that the granules nitrate is larger than urea granules. The latter, in turn, is more transparent. Urea is not fire hazardous if storage rules are not followed.

    phosphoric), but this must be done before directly applying fertilizers to the soil.

    Fertilizing plants with fertilizer

    Fertilizer ammonium nitrate cannot be used when feeding cultures of the melons family, cucumbers and zucchini. This is due to the ability of these crops to accumulate nitric acid salts (nitrates) in fruits. Other crops perfectly tolerate processing and feeding, requiring about 1 kg of fertilizer per unit area equal to 1 m². Due to the application of fertilization by plants, a greater amount of nutrients accumulates, the vegetative mass increases.

    Rules of use

    Instructions for the use of ammonium nitrate depends on the type of soil. For instance, soils of coniferous and northern forests can be oxidized after fertilization. Fertilizers are applied to clay soils after harvesting, and to the lungs - before sowing. About 300 kg of saltpeter are used per hectare of land. If the drug is introduced into an acidic environment, lime flour is added to it in an equal amount. Watering must be carried out immediately after fertilizing the soil. After a while, you can use other types of fertilizers.

    Name of indicators



    1st grade

    Concentrated form of fertilizerTrue
    Maximal humidity100.0
    Maximal temperature of effective action60.0
    Maximal temperature of storage100.0 hail.
    Minimum humidity50.0
    Minimum temperature of effective action60.0 hail.
    Minimum temperature of storage100.0
    Nitrogen34.4 %
    Packinga sack is 50 kg
    Preparativnaya formGranules
    saltpetre is ammoniacdelivery on Ukraine
    Type of fertilizerAmmoniac saltpetre
    Weight50 kg

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