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    Lactone of глюконовой acid
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    gradually lowering the pH of the system. When equilibrium is established from lactone, which has a weakly acidic reaction, gluconic acid with a sour taste and a low pH is produced.

    A lower pH level is established in the interval from 40 to 60 minutes or more, depending on concentration of GDL and temperature. At a temperature of 25 ° C, equilibrium is established after 3 hours, at 40 ° C - after 1 hour.

    Like the acids contained in meat, gluconic acid is involved in the formation of the taste of the finished product.

    GDL can be mixed into the curing mixture if it is desired to obtain a brine with a lowered pH, and in the dry curing mixture it does not have a sour taste, only after the curing mixture is dissolved in water, a brine with the required acidity can be obtained.

    It was found that with the addition of 0.25 and 0.5% glucono-delta-lactone, the amount of nitrite in the finished sausage decreased from 7.8 to 4.8 and 3.1 mg. At the same time, the color stability of the sausage increased progressively, and the pH dropped from 6.1 to 5.5.

    A dosage of 0.1¸0.2% glucono-delta-lactone for cooked sausages is sufficient to obtain the required pH level.

    When using GDL together with other reducing agents such as sodium erythorbate, glucono-delta-lactone promotes the rapid development of color during cooking or smoking. The smoking time in this case can be reduced by 50%, and the finished products will wrinkle much less and be stored longer.

    In the production of raw smoked sausages, it is recommended to add GDL within 0.5¸1, 2%. This norm is motivated by the fact that acidity can be different due to the variability of microflora.

    The advantages of glucono-delta-lactone are a significant reduction in the duration of the production of raw sausages.

    The successful production of dry sausages depends on the timely reduction of the pH of the sausage product directly during the production process. The pH of raw materials can reach 6.4, and the final pH-level of fermented sausages should be 4.8-5.4.

    Traditionally, the pH-level of dry sausages is regulated using lactic acid, which produces starter cultures that are used in the sausage mass. This fermentation is carried out depending on the temperature for several days. With the help of glucono-delta-lactone, it is possible to reduce the pH directly in the minced meat emulsion and, thus, the pathogenic development and the content of microorganisms will be significantly reduced.

    In the production of dry sausages, glucono-delta-lactone can be used in combination with traditional starter cultures. The low pH level achieved with the use of GDL promotes the development of starter cultures.

    The dosage of 0.5-1.2% glucono-delta-lactone for raw sausages is optimal and ensures a high quality of the finished product .

    To summarize, it can be noted that the use of glucono-delta-lactone guarantees:

    • shortening the ripening time of sausages and increasing their production;

    • increasing the shelf life of products;

    • improving the color range, increasing the density and cutting of sausages;

    All our the products are packed in multi-layer paper bags with a polypropylene liner, 25 kg each.

    Compositionглюконо delta a lactone is food

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