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    Food fibres
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    Introducing the component for a healthy diet - dietary fiber (dietary fiber, fiber, cellulose, wheat fiber, bamboo and soy fiber).

    Fiber consists of ballast substances and is of great importance in terms of biological value and principles of healthy nutrition. Fiber is a dietary fiber and is approved for use as a dietary supplement. It serves not only for the enrichment of products with ballast substances, but also offers a number of functional and technological solutions.

    Moisture binding capacity. The main functional feature of fiber is its high water-binding and fat-binding capacity. Since the fibers of the fiber have a capillary structure, water retention occurs not only by the surface of the fibers, but also inside the capillary channels, as a result of which the moisture is evenly distributed and firmly held in the formed three-dimensional framework, improving the structure of the finished product. As the liquid is transported to the core of the cellulose fibers by capillaries, the consistency is not affected in any way and thus the stability of the product is ensured.

    Unlike most other swelling and water-absorbing agents, fiber is insoluble in water and fat. This allows for good water binding while improving consistency.

    Emulsifying effect. In principle, wheat fiber is not an emulsifier, but it has been experimentally found that

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