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    Polyethylene of LP of high-density 3901209000

    Polyethylene of LP of high-density
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    • SKU: 1206342470
    • ТН ВЭД: 3901209000
    • vendor code: 1117-18
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    • Brand name: Импорт

    Polyethylene is intended for processing by extrusion into high-strength thin film, for packaging cold food products and for other purposes.

    Polyethylene compositions low-pressure film

    Grades 273-285, 293-285, 293- 285D, 293-285SK (SC), PE 80B-285,

    PE 80B-285D, PE 80B-285SK (SC)

    TU 2243-127- 00203335-2000 rev. 1, 2, 3, 4

    Form of raw material which is suppliedGranules
    Index of fluidity of fusion9.0 ã/10 mines
    Type of polyethylenea polyethylene of LP of high-density is a pellicle

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