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    Boric acid (orthoboric acid) - a weak acid with the chemical formula H3BO3.
    Colorless crystalline substance in the form of odorless flakes, has a layered triclinic lattice in which acid molecules are connected hydrogen bonds in flat layers, the layers are connected by intermolecular bonds (d = 0.318 nm).
    Metaboric acid (HBO2) is also colorless crystals. It exists in three modifications - the most stable γ-HBO2 with a cubic lattice, β-HBO2 with a monoclinic lattice and α-HBO2 with a rhombic lattice.
    When heated, orthoboric acid loses water and first transforms into metaboric acid, then into tetraboric acid H2B4O7. Upon further heating, it dehydrates to boric anhydride.
    Aqueous solutions of boric acid are a mixture of polyboric acids of the general formula Н3m-2nВmО3m-n

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