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    The chloride of calcium is technical 2827200000

    The chloride of calcium is technical
    The chloride of calcium is technical
    The chloride of calcium is technical
    The chloride of calcium is technical
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    Calcium chloride represents colorless, odorless trigonal crystals, bitter-salty taste, readily soluble in water and alcohol. Extremely hygroscopic. Vigorously absorbs water vapor, first forming solid hydrates, and then spreading into liquid. Aqueous solutions of calcium chloride freeze at low temperatures (20% at -18.57 В° C, 30% at -48 В° C). Incompatible with heavy metal salts, acids, iodides and bromide salts.

    Use of calcium chloride (calcium chloride).

    Technical calcium chloride is used in the chemical, forestry and woodworking, oil, oil refining and petrochemical industries, in refrigeration engineering, in construction and for the manufacture of building materials, in nonferrous metallurgy, in the construction and operation of highways, for drying gases and liquids, for obtaining metal calcium, as well as for other purposes.

    Food calcium chloride is used in the regulation of water hardness in the production of low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages, in the production of cheeses, enzymes, in canning fruits and vegetables, remineralization of desalinated water, as a preservative in bread making, and as a cooling agent. Registered as a food additive E509.

    In medicine, it is used as an anti-inflammatory, desensitizing and hemostatic agent. Calcium chloride is a part of anti-shock, blood replacement and nutritional fluids and solutions.

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