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    Carbonate of sodium 2836300000

    Carbonate of sodium
    Carbonate of sodium
    Carbonate of sodium
    Carbonate of sodium
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    Soda ash is a colorless crystalline powder, soluble in water with heating, insoluble in most organic solvents. Hygroscopic. In the air, it absorbs moisture and carbon dioxide with the formation of an acidic salt NaHCO3; when stored in the open air, it cakes. Aqueous solutions are highly alkaline and form crystalline hydrates.
    Density: 2.53 g / cm³. Melting point 852 ° C.

    Chemical formula: Na2CO3.
    In nature, soda ash is found in the ashes of some seaweed, as well as in the form of the following minerals: nahcolite, trona, sodium (soda), thermonatrite.
    Currently, an industrial method for producing soda ash is the so-called. Solvay way. Equimolar amounts of gaseous ammonia and carbon dioxide are passed into a saturated sodium chloride solution. The precipitated residue of poorly soluble sodium bicarbonate is filtered off and calcined (dehydrated) by heating to 140-160 ° C, while it passes into sodium carbonate. The formed carbon dioxide and ammonia, isolated from the mother liquor at the first stage of the process, are returned to the production cycle by reaction.
    Depending on the purpose, technical soda ash is produced in two grades: A (granular) and B (powdered).
    < It is also used for softening water when washing and boiling fabrics, washing porcelain, earthenware, enamel dishes and other household purposes. The widely advertised Calgon descaling agent in washing machines consists of sodium tripolyphosphate and soda ash.
    Closeness:2,53 ã/ñì³
    Temperature of melting852° C.

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