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    Distillate of RE60
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    Movable transparent liquid with a characteristic caramel smell, pleasant in small concentrations. With an increase in the content of butyl acetate vapors in the air, the smell becomes sharp, begins to irritate the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose, and the eyes. There are 4 isomers of butyl acetate, in Russia a commercially produced product usually contains all isomers.

    • Specification for butyl acetate, according to GOST 8981-78:
    • Appearance of butyl acetate Transparent liquid without impurities
    • ;
    • Content of the main substance of butyl acetate,%, not less than 99.0
    • Density at 20 gС, kg / dm3 0.878-0.881
    • Water content,%, not more 0.02 < Dissolves cellulose ethers, oils, fats, chlorinated rubber, vinyl polymers, carbinol resins. The addition of butyl acetate along with a small amount of butyl alcohol prevents whitening of varnish films.

      Due to its excellent ability to dissolve varnish, butyl acetate is widely used in women's cosmetic nail polish washes. Its use is much safer than acetone. But, since the cost of butyl acetate is almost twice as expensive, many manufacturers add acetone to such washes, which causes significant harm to the skin. In the countries of the European Union, such washes are strictly prohibited, and in our country their use is not regulated by anything. Therefore, when choosing a varnish remover, carefully sniff the purchased item. The caramel smell is the trademark of safer butyl acetate. Harsh, puffing smell

    Type of solventInorganic

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