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    An alcohol is isopropyl technical 2905120020

    An alcohol is isopropyl technical
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    Isoprapanol is a component in the liquid for washer of car windows in winter.

    For a 10 liter canister of water, 4 liters of IBS is enough and this mixture will not freeze at -37C, you can independently adjust the concentration, depending on from air temperature. Isopropyl alcohol is used by bona fide washer fluid manufacturers. Do not overpay, you can make an anti-freeze fluid for your car yourself.

    Use IBS to remove old paintwork, disinfect hands and surfaces, clean household appliances and computers, including monitors.

    Isopropyl alcohol, propanol-2 (2-propanol), isopropanol, dimethylcarbinol, IPA - is a colorless, flammable liquid with a characteristic alcoholic odor, the simplest secondary monohydric alcohol of the aliphatic series. Belongs to substances of the 3rd hazard class (moderately hazardous substances) according to the degree of impact on the body, has a narcotic effect.

    Chemical formula CHCl3

    CAS No. 67-66-3


    1L bottle. Polyethylene cans 5l, 10l, 20l 50l. Metal drums 200l

    5.Scope of application

    • In industry

    • How solvent

    • In the paint and varnish industry, IBS is used as an auxiliary solvent for nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate, ethylcellulose. For nitro varnishes, it is one of the most important auxiliary solvents. IBS is used as a solvent for various oils, adhesives, etc., for removing old varnish coatings

      Isopropyl alcohol is used by computer and office equipment maintenance technicians for cleaning from dust, plaque and dirt .

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    Type of solventInorganic

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