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    A paraffin of т-1 is a candle
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    For the manufacture of paraffin, oil refining by-products are used. The finished paraffin has a dense structure and the absence of third-party odors. The color of pure paraffin varies within the palette of white shades, although a yellowish, gray tint, or even a complete absence of color is allowed.

    Depending on the purpose and degree of purification, technical paraffin divided into several grades:

    • high purity grades - P and V;

    • standard purification grades - T and С.

    For the production of candles, mainly technical paraffin of the T-1 brand is used. Therefore, if you need to buy wax for candles , feel free to opt for this brand.

    The main characteristics of technical paraffin

    Paraffin T-1 is a technical raw material widely used in the manufacture of various household products. The main field of application is the production of household chemicals and paraffin candles.

    Technical paraffin T-1 (candle wax) is a solid refined paraffin mass obtained from a mixture of methane hydrocarbons. Differs in low viscosity during remelting. Solid and refined paraffin, suitable for technical use, created from a mixture of methane hydrocarbons. When melted, it has a very low viscosity.

    The main advantage of such paraffin is the price . The low cost of production determines the affordable price of finished raw materials and allows the use of T-1 paraffin not only in the manufacture of budgetary industrial goods, but also in industry.

    Note: technical paraffin T-1 is combustible and fire hazardous material. When planning to buy technical paraffin , make sure that all fire safety requirements are strictly observed during storage and use. At temperatures from 160 degrees, paraffin can flash, and when it reaches 300 degrees, it can spontaneously ignite.

    Making paraffin candles: types and features of technologies

    Paraffin candles can made in two ways:

    • casting

    • pressing.

    The first method is the most common and the only one available for use even at home. You can buy paraffin wax for the manufacture of cast candles in our online store. In addition, cast candles can be made from natural beeswax. Pressed candles are produced on special machines that are used only in large-scale production.

    Making a molded candle is usually begins with the preparation of paraffin: it must be crushed and melted at a temperature of 75 - 90 degrees. The molten paraffin is poured into molds in which the wick was previously placed. The burning time of a finished candle depends on the quality of the wax used, the thickness of the candle itself, and the material and thickness of the wick. A standard household candle of medium diameter burns for about 10 - 12 hours.

    Decorative candles are also made from paraffin using various dyes and aromatic additives. They can be cast both in standard containers and in special shapes. A separate subspecies of decorative paraffin candles are carved. These candles are handmade in several stages and are one of the most time consuming options.

    Form of raw material which is suppliedgranules or layers
    paraffin52-50 S*
    Setting of paraffinFor candles
    Temperature of melting52
    Type of raw materialNatural

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