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    Surely few people know about diethanolamine. Even fewer people know what the substance is used for. We will open the curtain and tell you about its properties and characteristics in more detail, as well as why diethanolamine is worth buying right now.

    Diethanolamine - what is this substance and what is it characteristic of

    This chemical substance belongs to organic materials from the class of amino alcohol. At its core, it is an alkaline supplement designed to regulate acid balance.

    Diethanolamine (DEA) has a thick, oily consistency - this substance does not have a pronounced color. Its smell is very specific, amine, it is difficult to confuse it with something.

    It is able to mix completely with an aqueous medium in any proportion, and also has all the characteristics that are inherent in strong chemical bases. Diethanolamine is synthesized as a result of the reaction between ethylene glycol chlorohydrin and hydrogen nitride.

    Diethanolamine, the formula of which is (HOCH2CH2) 2NH, is used in:

    technology (as a surfactant and emulsifying component);

    works on gas cleaning (in this process it acts as a sorbent);

    work at the enterprises of the agricultural sector - it is used in the composition of herbicides and preparations that destroy vegetation in the fields;

    the sphere of woodworking;

    the process of creating imines;

    the manufacture of anti-corrosion agents.

    Diethanolamine: chemical properties and application rules

    The main characteristics of this substance prolong shelf life of cosmetic products, since diethanolamine acts as a reliable emulsifier in them. It can be used to combine components that combine poorly or do not mix at all.

    Also diethanolamine, the synthesis of which has long been carried out on an industrial scale, allows you to improve the quality of foaming of cosmetics, and also contributes to better cleaning and degreasing of surfaces.

    The price for diethanolamine is very affordable, since this substance is almost never introduced into cosmetics in its pure form, but in combination with water, it provides the skin with softness and comfort during the use of cosmetics.

    Diethanolamine: storage and usage details

    There is currently no single point view of the benefits or harms of using this chemical substance. Diethanolamine, the safety data sheet of which is posted on our website, with uncontrolled use can:

    provoke inflammatory processes in the digestive tract and cardiovascular system;

    negatively affect the kidneys and liver;

    irritate the nervous system;

    provoke the development of oncological diseases;

    negatively affect the hormonal balance of the body.

    It is allowed to transport it by road and rail. This substance is classified as dangerous goods. It is recommended to store and transport it in hermetically sealed containers that do not let the sun through. For storage of diethanolamine, you should choose cool and dry rooms with a stable temperature.

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    a diethanolamine is a code of TN of VEDAS2922 12 00 00
    Mass fate of diethanolamine98 DEA
    Mass fate of triethanolamine1 TEA
    Mass fate of water %, no more0
    Packinga barrel 200 ë

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