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    In the food industry, it is used as a component of baking powders, nutritional yeast, liquid detergents, as well as an emulsifier for foodstuffs and petroleum refining formulations and a water softener.

    The absence of nitrogen allows wide variations in the use of fertilizer as top dressing, both in quantitative (consumption rate) and in time (application time) parameter. For example, nitrogen and nitrogen-containing fertilizers cannot be used as late autumn feeding of perennial crops, since this weakens the plants, preventing them from preparing for the unfavorable conditions of the winter season in time. The introduction of phosphate monopotassium at this time allows the plants to be enriched with potassium and phosphorus, which enhances their frost resistance and increases the chances of a safe exit after wintering. (Compiled) < Exceptions are sandy and sandy loamy soils with low absorption capacity. Potassium interacts with the soil absorbing complex in terms of exchange (physic-imic) and non-exchange types of absorption.

    Phosphoric acid ions in a weakly acidic environment (namely, under such conditions, plant growth is most successful) behave differently. So H 2 PO 4 - become an ideal source of phosphorus, since it does not experience any obstacles before penetrating into plant systems, HPO 4 2- - less successful in this regard, and PO 4 3- .

    - practically inaccessible to plants. When monopotassium phosphate dissolves, the main amount of released orthophosphoric acid ions of the first type is H 2 PO 4 - This allows the plants to be supplied with the required amount of phosphorus compounds quickly, without additional time delays for the passage of chemical transformations in the soil.

    The ions of orthophosphoric acid not absorbed by plants gradually transform into various phosphorus compounds characteristic of this type of soil,

    a монокалийфосфат closeness is at 20°C2338 ã/ñì3.
    Concentrated form of fertilizerTrue
    Mass fate of not water-soluble remainless than 0,1 %.
    Maximal temperature of effective action60.0
    Minimum temperature of effective action40.0 hail.
    Preparativnaya formGranules
    Type of complex fertilizermonophosphate of potassium
    Type of fertilizerMonokaliyfosfat
    Weight25 g
    монокалийфосфат acidity of однопроцентного solution4,0-4,5 ед.
    монокалийфосфат contentno less than 50%
    монокалийфосфат content of potassiumno less than 33 %
    монокалийфосфат content of waterno less than 0,5%
    монокалийфосфат solubility is in 100 gs of water at 25°C251
    монокалийфосфат solubility is in an ethanol.practically we will not dissolve in an ethanol.
    монокалийфосфат temperature of melting552,6°C
    монокалийфосфат плавиться with decompositionforming the phosphate of potassium (K3PO4).

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