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    Novokhlor 10 litres tank 3808000000

    Novokhlor 10 litres tank
    Novokhlor 10 litres tank
    Novokhlor 10 litres tank
    Novokhlor 10 litres tank
    Novokhlor 10 litres tank
    Novokhlor 10 litres tank
    Novokhlor 10 litres tank
    Novokhlor 10 litres tank
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    1.007-76). Does not have a sensitizing and mutagenic effect. Solutions Novochlor-Extra with an active chlorine content of 0.01% to 0.1% can be used in the presence of persons not involved in the disinfection work.


    Disinfectant Novochlor-Extra and its working solutions have an alkaline reaction, have an emulsifying, pronounced detergent and high wetting effect; do not fix organic contaminants on the processing surfaces, are well washed off with water from the treated surfaces, do not leave streaks and plaque; remove protein, fat, mechanical impurities, blood and drug residues; homogenize phlegm and other secretions. The product and its solutions do not damage products made of metal, glass, rubber, polymeric materials (incl. polystyrene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane), wood, ceramics, paint and varnish, galvanic and polymer coating.

    Application of Novochlor-Extra disinfectant

    The agent is used in the form of aqueous working solutions in a concentration of active chlorine from 0.01% to 0.5%, depending on the scope of application, purpose of treatment, type of pollution, pathogen and objects of treatment. Consumption rate of working solution - 75-100 ml / m 2

    Treatment method

    Manual (wiping, irrigation, immersion, soaking, filling), mechanized (including CIP washing), aerosol.

  • Specifications
    Basic setting of meanFor инвентаря|Для стен|Для of glasses, windows, зеркал|Для пола|Для capacities and тары|Для дезинфекции|Для кафеля|Для кухонь|Для cleaning of gully труб|Для столов|Для трубопровода|Для туалета|кислородный отбеливатель|Универсальное
    Color of corpsWhite
    Material which is sterilizedDerevo|Metall|Mikrofibra|Plastmassa|Porolon|Steklo
    Maximal working temperature50 °Ñ
    Minimum working temperature50 hail.
    Office hoursDezinfektsiyA|sterilizatsiya
    Packing typea tank is 10 litres
    Sphere of the useClinics and medical establishments
    Sphere of the useDomestic
    Time of sterilization30 cut
    Type of instrument which is sterilizedKosmetologicheskiy|manikyurnyY|parikmakherskIy|pedikyurnyy
    Type of sterilizationChemical

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