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    Gelatin is a natural biopolymer. As a food additive it has the designation E441. The basis of gelatin is collagen. In its composition, gelatin contains: starch, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, micro and macronutrients, vitamin PP, 18 amino acids.

    This is a high-quality animal protein, enriched with essential amino acids for humans, vitamins, microelements.


    Gelatin is a free-flowing solid product, from light yellow to dark yellow, odorless.

    Nutritional qualities of gelatin:

    • Combination of pure protein with a specific amino acid;
    • Physicochemical properties of gelatin:

      • Highly soluble and has a high water-holding capacity;
      • The strength of food grade gelatin jelly is determined by Bloom or Valent.
      • ;
      • Susceptible to hydrolysis, which depends on a number of factors - the presence of acids, alkalis, bacteria, enzymes, as well as temperature;
      • At a concentration above 0.8%, gelatin precipitates from solution upon cooling. The deposition temperature is usually determined by the viscosity of a 10% solution and corresponds to the temperature of the onset of gelation;
      • Gelatin exhibits amphoteric properties. In an acidic medium, gelatin carries a positive charge, and in an alkaline medium it carries a negative charge;
      • Compatible with many hydrocolloids, sugar, corn syrup, starch, glucose, essential food acids and flavorings.

      Types and grades of gelatin

      The use of advanced technologies allows us to produce gelatin of various types and grades

      There are two types of gelatin A and B, each type of gelatin is produced on a separate production line. Type A gelatin is obtained by processing pork skins collagen with acid. Type B gelatin is obtained from cattle hides after alkaline processing. At the same time, the gelling properties of both types are the same.

      Grades of gelatin:

      • food gelatin K-17, K-15, K-13, K-11, K-10
        P-19, P-17, P-16, P-13, P-11, P-9, P-7
        80,100,120,150,180,200,220,240 bloom
      • technical gelatin T-11, T-9, Т-7, Т-4, Т-2,5

      Types of gelatin :

      • Food grade
      • Confectionery
      • Medical
      • Food packaged in 15, 25 grams / pack.
      • Technical

      Physicochemical indicators
      Strength of jelly with a mass fraction of gelatin 10%, Newtons - from 2.5 to 19
      Strength of a jelly with a mass fraction of gelatin 6.67%, Bloom g / cm3 -from 80 to 240 bloom
      Particle size, at the request of the client - minimum 0.1 mm; maximum 5 mm

      Food and technical gelatin is packed in polypropylene bags with a polyethylene liner, 25 kg each.
      Packaged food gelatin is packed in packs of 15.25 grams

      Shelf life
      Food gelatin GOST-11293-89 - 1 year from the date of manufacture.
      Gelatin food grade TU U 24.6-00418030-002-2007 - 2 years from the date of manufacture.

      Gelatin is a natural biopolymer. As a food additive it has E441 mark. It is based on collagen. Gelatin consists of starch, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, trace nutrients and macro-nutrients, vitamin PP and 18 amino acids.
      This is an animal protein of high quality enriched in amino acids, vitamins and trace nutrients of vital importance.
      Gelatin is a solid odorless bulk product with color from light yellow to dark yellow.
      Nutritional Qualities of Gelatin:
      Combination of undiluted protein with specific amino acids; In density higher than 0.8% gelatin on cooling precipitates from a solution. Precipitation temperature as a rule to be defined according to the viscosity of 10% solution and it is equal to the temperature of gelling action;
      Gelatin shows amphoteric properties. In acids gelatin carries positive charge, when in alkali it carries negative charge;
      Compatible with most hydrocolloids, sugar, corn syrup, starch, fruit sugar, most food-grade acids and flavoring materials.

      Gelatin Types
      Advanced technologies allow us to produce gelatin of different types.
      There are two types of gelatin, namely A and B; manufacturing of every type we effect on separate processing lines. Gelatin of А ​​type we receive by acid treatment of pig-skin collagen. Gelatin of В type we receive by alkali treatment of beef cattle skins. At that gelling action of both types still the same.
      Gelatin Brands:
      Food-grade gelatin К-17, К-15, К-13, К-11, К-10
      P -19, P-17, P-16, P-13, P-11, P-9, P-7
      80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 200, 220, 240 bloom
      Technical gelatin Т-11, Т-9, Т-7, Т-4, Т-2,5
      Gelatin Types:
      Food gelatin
      Confectionery gelatin
      Medical gelatin
      Packed food gelatin, 15, 25 g / pack.
      Technical gelatin
      Physical and Chemical Features
      Gel strength in total gelatin weight ratio: 10%, Newtonian: from 2.5 to 19
      Gel strength in total gelatin weight ratio: 6.67%, Bloom g / cm³: from 80 to 240 Bloom
      Particle size, by demand: min. 0.1 mm; max. 5 mm.

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