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    Glyukozno-fruktoznyy syrup 1702305000

    Glyukozno-fruktoznyy syrup
    Glyukozno-fruktoznyy syrup
    Glyukozno-fruktoznyy syrup
    Glyukozno-fruktoznyy syrup
    Glyukozno-fruktoznyy syrup
    Glyukozno-fruktoznyy syrup
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    Additional information about shipment:

    Glucose-fructose syrup is dispensed in bulk or packaged in drums. Glucose-fructose syrup is packed in cardboard-wound drums of 60kg (720kg per pallet) or 50kg (800kg per pallet). Minimum lot is 1 pallet. Glucose-fructose syrup can be purchased from warehouses in Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev and Lvov.

    Production technology:

    Glucose-fructose syrup is a natural sweetener obtained from corn by successive enzymatic liquefaction and saccharification of starch to high-glucose syrup, and by converting part of the glucose into fructose, the syrup is purified with activated carbon and ion exchange resins, disinfected on bactericidal filters with a pore size of 0.45 μm and concentrated. GFS-10 contains glucose, fructose, maltose disaccharide and higher sugars, the syrup does not contain artificial or synthetic substances, as well as food additives. The production does not use genetically modified raw materials, and the resulting syrup has a consistently guaranteed quality.


    GFS-10 combines the properties of molasses and glucose-fructose syrup, as it contains up to 10% fructose. Low viscosity, increased sweetness and excellent anti crystallization properties make it possible to successfully use this product to replace molasses and, in part, sugar for the production of chewing candy, pastille-marmalade group, fondant and cream fillings. Due to its unique properties of prolonging the shelf life of products, it is used in the production of a wide range of flour confectionery products, and can also be used for icing.

    Packaging and storage :

    The syrup can be delivered to the consumer by truck tanks, barrels, cans, cardboard-winding drums with a capacity of 25, 50, 200 l, in 1 m3 containers intended for use in the food industry. Automobile tanks are sealed, barrels, cans, containers are sealed. When transported by road (molasses), the syrup is poured into a sectional thermo tank with a capacity of 25 tons at a temperature of 32 ... 35 ° C, at the same time, temperature losses to the environment are: in summer - no more than 1 ° C, in winter - no more than 2 ... 3 ° C. Depending on the weather, the temperature of the HFS during loading may vary. For long-term storage of syrup, it is necessary to provide insulated stainless steel containers with external electric heating (water jackets can also be used for heating) at a temperature of 28… 35 ° C. The heating is calculated in such a way as to exclude heat loss to the production area or the environment if storage is planned outdoors.

    Quality indicators:

    Physical and chemical properties

    Compositionsyrup of глюкозно фруктозный
    Packing50 kg

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