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    L-theanine is an amino acid, an analogue of glutamic acid, found mainly in green tea (Camellia sinensis). L-theanine is similar in structure to glutamine, but at the same time has a sedative effect, thanks to which its popularity as a natural and harmless relaxant has only increased recently.

    L-theanine was discovered in 1949 as one of the components of green tea and in 1964 it was approved for unrestricted use in many food products, including products for children. In the US, l-theanine is not only registered as a dietary supplement, but also classified as a safe supplement.

    Properties l - thianine

    L-theanine easily overcomes the blood-brain barrier and penetrates into the brain, increases the level of inhibitory neurotransmitter - gamma-aminobutyric acids (GABA), and also affects serotonin and dopamine levels. By increasing the amount of these neurotransmitters, l-theanine thereby improves the psycho-emotional state of a person. Acting directly on the work of the brain, l-theanine increases the activity of alpha brain waves, which indicates that the brain is in a state of relaxation, while l-theanine does not cause drowsiness, promotes the process of learning and concentration.

    Action performed by the l-theian

    l - theanine has a relaxing and calming effect, without the effect of drowsiness, helps to reduce anxiety and stress, improves memory,

    CompositionTanninum is natural
    Medical formPowder
    Type of animalsDomestic decorative птицы|Крупный cattle (KRS)|Ëîøàäè|Îâöû|Êîçû|Äîìàøíÿÿ bird

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