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    Propilenglikol' food E-1520
    Propilenglikol' food E-1520
    Propilenglikol' food E-1520
    Propilenglikol' food E-1520
    Propilenglikol' food E-1520
    Propilenglikol' food E-1520
    Propilenglikol' food E-1520
    Propilenglikol' food E-1520
    Propilenglikol' food E-1520
    Propilenglikol' food E-1520
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    Propylene glycol for electronic cigarettes

    Electronic cigarette is not only a way to quit smoking, it is a whole subculture dedicated to a certain lifestyle. The advantages of the electronic cigarette over the tobacco predecessor are scientifically proven, so more and more people are abandoning nicotine in favor of harmless vapor. Another plus of an electronic cigarette is its self-refueling, so you will definitely be sure of the harmlessness of the composition.

    Refueling for a cigarette with your own hands

    Creating a refueling begins with the fact that you need to buy propylene glycol for electronic cigarettes and consumables. After that, the mixing process begins. It is important to correctly calculate the proportions, otherwise the liquid for vaping will turn out to be too concentrated.

    To create a dressing you will need:

    • Propylene glycol

    • Glycerin

    • Flavor

    • Nicotine (optional)

    • Dist. water.

    Why is it worth doing the refueling yourself, because you can just buy it in the store?

    Because you you get a product that exactly matches your taste and strength requirements. The strength of the liquid for vaping directly depends on the amount of propylene glycol - the more you add, the stronger the filling will be. Since the price of propylene glycol for e-cigarettes is quite affordable, you can experiment with the concentration of the liquid endlessly.

    The generally accepted proportions for self-mixing are 10% distilled water, 35% refueling and 55% propylene glycol. With these proportions, you can start your experience of mixing dressings, and then, through trial and experiment, choose the best option.

    Depending on the goals pursued, the database may contain: more propylene glycol to simulate the strength of a tobacco cigarette or more glycerin for a mild taste and spectacular steam.

    To create a liquid for vaping, it is enough to find a suitable container and measure out the required amount of components. After that, the resulting mixture must be shaken and allowed to stand for about 2 hours. Those who do not know how to measure the right amount, can buy a special measuring flask. The self-mixing result can be stored for several months, so it is not necessary to use it immediately. Nicotine and flavoring additives are added to the resulting base.

    Propylene glycol is the basis for dressing

    Propylene glycol is quickly absorbed by the mucous membranes, therefore it is a conductor of nicotine or flavorings to the throat and taste buds. Scientific studies carried out on a group of animals have shown that it is harmless and has no side effects on organ systems. In the food industry, propylene glycol is used to create confectionery and bakery products. As the main component of e-cigarette dressing, it significantly enhances the flavor of flavors and nicotine supplements.

    One of the most pleasant properties of this additive is its price - propylene glycol is quite inexpensive, and the shelf life reaches 2 years. It is recommended to store it in a cool dry place, protected from direct sunlight.

    Manufacturers pack propylene glycol in 100 ml bottles. In most cases, they are equipped with a special dispenser that allows you to accurately measure the amount: 30 drops = 1 ml.

    Our online store offers to buy propylene glycol at retail and wholesale ... For buyers there are always a number of promotional offers that make it possible to purchase goods at a discount. You will receive your order as soon as possible as we use our own tankers. Above all - guaranteed quality and reasonable price.


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