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    Glycerin for electronic cigarettes, пропиленгликоль to purchase for electronic cigarettes in Ukraine, триацетин 2905450000

    Glycerin for electronic cigarettes, пропиленгликоль to purchase for electronic cigarettes in Ukraine, триацетин
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    Glycerin for electronic cigarettes, пропиленгликоль to purchase for electronic cigarettes in Ukraine, триацетин Bulk prices
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    Glycerin for electronic cigarettes

    Transparent and colorless glycerin is used as a main or additional element for creating refills for electronic cigarettes. VG (Vegetable Glycerin) is considered a completely harmless substance that is used in many industries.

    As a component of e-cigarette refills, glycerin softens the taste of flavors and nicotine. This must be taken into account when creating a vaping liquid. If the goal is to get a strong nicotine dressing, then you need to add less glycerin.

    Vaping liquids are based on:

    • Propylene glycol, for those who want a strong nicotine taste.

    • Glycerin, for those who want a pleasant flavor of flavors.

    Due to the purity and harmlessness of all components, the electronic cigarette does not contain harmful carcinogenic resins. The main thing that all the components of the base have in common is the price, glycerin for e-cigarettes and propylene glycol have a low cost, so there is every chance to cut costs.

    The main components of e-liquid

    Many vapers make a base on their own, relying only on their own taste. All you need to do is buy glycerin for electronic cigarettes, distilled water and propylene glycol. Standard proportions can vary depending on preference, the main rule is not to overdo it with any of the components.

    Propylene glycol is used to create a "hit in the throat" effect. He still remains the leader among all the components of the liquid for vaping. Many people try to switch to a more harmless way of smoking, so they enhance the taste of nicotine with PG .

    Distilled water is needed for the correct reaction of all components and their even distribution throughout the container. It is also responsible for the evaporation of liquid.

    Glycerin, as an additional element, is the link between all the constituents. It is due to it that a thick consistency is obtained. When buying, not only the price is important: the glycerin must be diluted by at least 20%.

    It is impossible to get pure nicotine as it is a strong poison. For electronic cigarettes, solutions with different concentrations are used. The nicotine supplement is used by smokers with many years of experience who want to get rid of their bad habit. By gradually reducing the amount of nicotine, you can completely switch to a base that is harmless to the body.

    How does glycerin work in an electronic cigarette?

    Due to the chemical reaction of water and glycerin volumetric vapor cloud simulating the smoke from a regular cigarette. Thanks to its viscous structure, VG enhances the consistency of the dressing and adds the pleasant aftertaste that vapers love. Lovers of a thick cloud of smoke increase the amount of glycerin in the liquid and decrease the amount of propylene glycol. VG connects vapor molecules, due to which they dissipate much more slowly.

    To create a dressing, you need to use pure elements that are not always found in the pharmacy. That is why it is better to buy glycerin in specialized stores. Only components of a high degree of purification will create the desired reaction and will have minimal harm to the body. VG quickly reacts with any aroma, both synthetic and natural. It is a hypoallergenic substance.

    The only disadvantage is harm to the electronic device itself. The viscous structure of glycerin clogs the e-cigarette, so it needs to be cleaned more often.

    Due to its high hygroscopicity, glycerin must be stored in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. Otherwise, the VG will absorb moisture, and its consistency will not be suitable for creating a dressing.

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