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    BCAA 2:1:1
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    Complex of essential amino acids BCAA 2: 1: 1

    BCAA - a complex consisting of three amino acids. They are an essential component of protein. The difference between bcaa and other amino acids is that the body does not synthesize them. Three amino acids are combined into one complex, because they act simultaneously and they complement each other.

    BCAA Fuel for muscles

    The bcaa amino acids are essential and must be supplied in sufficient quantities, especially during intense physical exertion. From them, the body can independently synthesize all other types of amino acids.

    They are split protein elements in the form of amino acids such as valine, leucine, and isoleucine. This means that the body does not need to spend energy for their assimilation, which occurs much faster than using regular protein.

    BCAA essential for muscles

    About 35 percent of muscle tissue consists of amino acids bcaa. That's quite a lot. Up to twenty-five percent of the energy during exercise is released from the bcaa. When consuming food, rich in protein, these amino acids are the first to enter the bloodstream.

    In other words, if there is no bcaa, the muscles begin to starve. Regular weightlifting or powerlifting breaks down some of the contractile protein. It is very important at this time to take exactly the protein that is needed.

    BCAA relieve muscle fatigue, reduce the loss of other amino acids contained in the body. If bcaa is taken just before training, muscle endurance will increase and fatigue will decrease. If amino acids are taken immediately after a workout, cortisol levels will begin to decrease and the supply of other amino acids in the muscles will increase, provided they are not broken down to restore energy.

    But you must immediately take into account the fact that BCAA are not suitable as a substitute for protein shakes. It is simply unprofitable - drinking one cocktail, you deliver 40-50 grams of protein, and when you take essential amino acids, this number is 2-3 times less. Of course, the likelihood of BCAA assimilation by the body is much higher, but the price is also much more expensive.

    Therefore, only bodybuilders who are willing to spend decent amounts of money on their sports nutrition can afford such a luxury. And so, they are often used exclusively during drying, when it is undesirable to take carbohydrates, which in excess can turn into fat. With the function of energy supply, as well as for maintaining the gained muscle mass, essential amino acids are excellent, which cannot be deposited by the body in adipose tissue.

    1. First of all, BCAA are essential amino acids that are degraded protein. That is, they are a building material for muscles.

    2. BCAa contributes to the formation of other amino acids that the body needs to function properly. In other words, they help to make a more complex structure from amino acids of a simple form. The amino acids bcaa have a positive effect on the production of insulin, which circulates sugar in the blood, which, in turn, energizes the muscle fiber cells. And when insulin is produced, the absorption of amino acids is faster.

    3. BCAA amino acids support cortisol and testosterone at a favorable level, increase protein synthesis, stimulate the production of insulin and growth hormones.

    4. BCAAs prevent protein breakdown and block muscle fiber loss. This is very important for low calorie diets.

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