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    Uranine, also known as sodium fluorescein, is nothing more than the disodium salt of fluorescein. Most often these are crystals of red-orange or red color. This substance is readily soluble in water, but much better in aqueous solutions of alkalis and ethanol, and therefore is widely used in various industries. The main purpose of uranine is to be used as an indicator at oil production enterprises in order to detect leaks of various liquids, drainages, process water leaks, etc. That is, uranine allows you to find unauthorized losses.

    The most popular type of uranine, is uranine grade A, in water it is characterized by strong green fluorescence. In addition to the scope of use described above, uranine A is ideal for tinting antifreezes; it is widely used in household chemicals for tinting detergents, medicinal salts, soaps, and shampoos. Aquarium water and water from other decorative ponds can also be colored with this dye. Uranine is also used in medicine, where a solution of sodium salt of fluorescein is extremely demanded in ophthalmic practice.

    Fluorescein is also suitable for dyeing wool and silk yellow. However, it is not used in the textile industry, since such dyes have extremely low strength. In turn, this substance is perfectly suitable for sewing into the fabric of life jackets. If such a vest is in the water, then a bright green spot is formed on its surface, which, when searching for a missing person, will be quite clearly distinguishable from an airplane.
    This dye is considered absolutely safe for humans, it does not pollute leaks and is environmentally friendly.

    Packing of material1.0
    Type of pigmentSynthetic inorganic
    Type of pigmentуранин

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