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    Ceresin is a waxy substance , a homogeneous mass from light yellow to brown (looks like beeswax), odorless, does not dissolve in water and ethanol.

    Ceresin grade 75 softens at temperatures above 75 ° C. Melting point (dropping point) 75-80 ° C.

    Adding such ceresin to the candle composition gives the following results:

    1 / increase in melting point candles . Ceresin has a higher melting point than paraffin, so adding ceresin will increase the melting point of the candle, which will entail:

    2 / increase in thermal stability, ensuring dimensional stability and reducing slump and increasing mechanical strength. Ceresin gives the candle more hardness, which is especially important at elevated temperatures and for small-diameter candles.

    3 / longer burning time and improving the burning process : the candle burns without smoke and soot, does not deform, the combustion cone is not filled with a straightened mass, the wick burns evenly

    4 / improvement of candle color and color retention over a long period storage . Since the use of paraffin wax with a relatively high oil content causes aging, deterioration in the color of candles during storage.

    Thus, candles are straight, smooth and shiny. The use of ceresin allows you to use candles at high ambient temperatures, reduce the number of rejects during storage and increase their service life.

    Content of phenolFalse
    Content of бензапиренуFalse
    Content of фурфуролуFalse
    Form of raw material which is suppliedPlate
    Presence of smellFalse
    Setting of paraffinFor candles
    Temperature of melting80
    Type of raw materialArtificial

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