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    Mustard powder 2 sort
    Mustard powder 2 sort
    Mustard powder 2 sort
    Mustard powder 2 sort
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    Mankind has been using mustard for many millennia and, even after so much time, it is in great demand. For many peoples, a mustard seed is not just the basis for obtaining a burning and aromatic seasoning, but also a metaphorical symbol that expresses tremendous power, despite its small size.

    The homeland of mustard is an annual herb with yellow small flowers - consider Asia. At the end of flowering, a bivalve fruit (pod) is tied, in which fragrant round seeds are located in one row. These are the very seeds of mustard, from the cake of which mustard powder is made. The fat content of the seeds of this plant is about 35%, and therefore mustard belongs to valuable oilseeds. In addition, grains contain essential oils, nitrogenous and other compounds.

    In cooking, the beneficial properties of mustard powder are due to the presence of a delicate taste and mustard aroma. The well-known table mustard is made from it, which is the most popular seasoning in the kitchen of Russian housewives. It captivates with its low price, affordability and unforgettable taste.

    Mustard powder, like, in general, mustard itself, is used mainly for preparing a variety of meat and fish dishes. Experienced cooks advise to always add this spice to fresh meat or minced meat if you are not sure that it will turn out soft. Just one teaspoon of mustard powder in a marinade for meat and a culinary masterpiece will forever be remembered by your guests, thanks to its unreal softness and wonderful aroma. The calorie content of mustard powder is 378 kcal per 100 grams. In medicine, the benefits of mustard powder have been appreciated for a long time. For example, everyone remembers how in childhood my mother put us mustard plasters? Yes, yes, those very mustard plasters, the burning of which was simply impossible to endure. But after some time we looked into my mother's eyes with gratitude, getting rid of a terrible cough. Possessing warming properties, mustard plasters (made from mustard powder) are indispensable for bronchitis, pneumonia and angina pectoris.

    For household purposes, the benefits of mustard powder can hardly be overestimated, since it is able to wash even that which is beyond the power of the most fashionable and expensive dishwashing detergents.

    Mustard wrap is gradually becoming fashionable, due to the fact that many women of fashion, by the way, are convinced that it helps to cope with the effect of “orange crusts ”. Masks with mustard powder also improve blood circulation, remove oily sheen and even out complexion.

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