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    Extract of guarana
    Extract of guarana
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    Extract of guarana
    Extract of guarana
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    Guarana extract

    Guarana is a dried substance made from crushed seeds of the Brazilian tree Paullinia cupana. Guarana is a very beautiful evergreen shrub with branches up to 12 meters in length. The leaves of the tree are oval-shaped, and have denticles along the edges. The flowers grow into bright red inflorescences. The fruits ripen two years after planting. Each fruit contains 1-2 oval-shaped seeds, somewhat reminiscent of grapes. It is from these very seeds that an energetic invigorating drink is prepared in Brazil. The drink is prepared as follows: first, the guarana pulp is removed, then the fruit is soaked in water. After that, the seeds are dried, roasted and crushed. This gaurana powder contains caffeine. The method of preparation is simple: the resulting powder is poured with water (sometimes cocoa is added) - voila - the energy drink is ready.

    Useful properties

    Due to the high content of caffeine, guarana extract is stimulating and tonic for headaches and migraines, it also increases the efficiency of the whole body, at the same time, calming the nervous system. Guarana contains tannins that have a positive effect on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. It also normalizes fat metabolism, rightly considered an effective means for losing weight.

    Side effects

    For good health and increased efficiency, it is recommended to take from 200 to 800 mg of guarana per day, and only if there are no contraindications and individual intolerance. Otherwise, at an increased dose, it can cause nausea, anxiety, rapid heart rate, neurosis, irritability and sleep disturbances (insomnia). It is not recommended to take guarana extract in case of high blood pressure, unhealthy cardiovascular system, diabetes mellitus, stomach and duodenal ulcers, erosive gastritis, poor blood clotting, kidney and liver diseases, glaucoma, cataracts, atherosclerosis and osteoporosis. It is dangerous to take in combination with other drugs and products containing caffeine. Guarana is also very harmful to take during pregnancy and lactation.

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