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    Pharmaceutical lactulose


    In essence, pharmaceutical lactulose is milk sugar that is used for the manufacture of medicines, biologically active and dietary supplements, food products, as well as baby food.

    Chemical composition

    May be caused by strong acids (eg hydrochloric acid). 1 g of lactulose is heated to 100 ?С, then completely hydrolyzed to lactose and glucose for one hour in 100 ml of 10% sulfuric acid. At temperatures below 10 ?С and when heated, hydrolysis can proceed with hydrochloric acid.

    Method of obtaining

    Pharmaceutical lactulose is a disaccharide derived from D-lactose and D-glucose residues. It exists in two forms - ? and ?. The empirical formula is C12H22O11; Mol. m. - 360.31. In the pharmaceutical industry, lactulose monohydrate, dehydrated lactulose and lactulose for sprays are used.

    Medicines from lactulose can be tabletted,

    Compositionpharmaceutical лактулоза
    Form of issuePowder

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