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    A litharge is leaden 2824900010

    A litharge is leaden
    A litharge is leaden
    A litharge is leaden
    A litharge is leaden
    A litharge is leaden
    A litharge is leaden
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    Lead litharge or lead oxide (PbO) is an inorganic binary compound of lead with oxygen.


    Red and yellow-orange crystals. Poorly soluble in ethanol and water.


    Lead oxide thermally stable as at room temperature, and at low temperatures. Has anti-corrosion properties. Has high toxicity. Lead litharge is diamagnetic and also has semiconductor properties. The type of conductivity of the litharge depends on its composition. It can be found in the form of minerals with various impurities.

    The density of lead oxide is α-PbO - 9.13 g / cm³, β-PbO - 9 , 45 g / cm³.

    The melting point of the lint is 886 ᵒС; its boiling point is 1535 ᵒС.

    Method of production

    Melting under oxidation conditions, which require the presence of metallic lead catalysts.

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