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    Complex fertilizer containing ammonia, sulfur, nitrogen, phosphorus and other minerals. Chemical formula - ( N H4) 2HPO4 + ( N H4) 2O4. The content of trace elements as a percentage: nitrogen ( N ) - 14.5-20, phosphorus (P) - 8.7-34, sulfur ( S ) - 8-14, magnesium (Mg) - 0.5, calcium (Ca) - 0.5. This discrepancy depends on the brand of sulfoammophos. Sulfoammophos has good physical and chemical properties. It does not produce dust, does not cake, and is non-hygroscopic. Its friability is 100%. Appearance - small even light granules.


    In agriculture - fertilizer for various crops, namely: agricultural, fruit and ornamental plants. Also used in mixed fertilizers. Especially relevant for crops lacking sulfur (legumes, oilseeds, crucifers). It is used for pre-sowing, main application and for plant nutrition. Together with potash and nitrogen fertilizers, sulfoammophos can be used in protected ground conditions.

    Increases the quality and quantity of products by filling soybean, rapeseed, grains and oils in the seed.

    For winter wheat and barley, use 0.7-1 centner of sulfoammophos per hectare of soil in physical weight. This contributes to an increase in the harvested grain when sowing barley by 8.1-14.2 centners / hectare; when sowing winter wheat - by 6.3-7.2 centners / hectare.

    Concentrated form of fertilizerTrue
    Magnesium1.0 %
    Maximal humidity70.0
    Maximal temperature of effective action50.0
    Maximal temperature of storage100.0 hail.
    Minimum temperature of effective action50.0 hail.
    Minimum temperature of storage100.0
    Nitrogen20.0 %
    Packingмкр type at "биг-бег"
    Phosphorus20.0 %
    Preparativnaya formGranules
    Type of complex fertilizerMineral
    Type of fertilizerсульфоаммофос

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