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    Acrylic acid
    Acrylic acid
    Acrylic acid
    Acrylic acid
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    used to repair premises and cover various surfaces, including cars and other vehicles with acrylic paints.

    With the help of glacial acrylic acid , substances with interesting properties are created that can absorb liquid in a volume exceeding its own weight and called superabsorbents.

    These qualities of substances have proven to be very useful in everyday life. They are successfully used in the production of hygiene products and diapers, necessary and convenient.

    Acrylic acid salts and their solutions are used in the manufacture of molds for foundries, sealing oil wells and protecting soil from erosion.

    Acrylic acid copolymers are the basis for varnishes and adhesives and improve the resistance of the substance to solvents.

    The substance is a real boon for manicurists and beauticians. And it really helps the female half of humanity to look irresistible.

    It should be stored in a concentration not exceeding 0.04 milligrams per liter.

    And the vapor content of the substance in the air should not exceed 5 milligrams per cubic meter.

    Compositionacrylic acid

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