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    A copper is carbonate
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    Chemical raw materials wholesale and retail: your best buy!

    A modern manufacturer is forced to calculate the day with an accuracy of a second in order to meet a tight schedule. The lion's share of time is taken up by searching for reliable and cost-effective suppliers.

    You no longer need to monitor hundreds of sites to purchase raw materials for chemical or food production. "The first Ukrainian market of chemical raw materials" is a portal where you can find absolutely everything for the manufacture of household and food products. Thanks to a loyal pricing policy and our own vehicle fleet, we will resolve all issues with the purchase and delivery of goods. Our goal is to take a leading position in the Ukrainian market and create a developed partner network throughout the country.

    Product range: bigger, better, cheaper ...

    Expanding the range of goods, we strive to meet the demand of the modern buyer. At the same time, our main reference point is a quality and honest manufacturer, as well as the absence of intermediaries. Direct supplies of raw materials allow us to minimize the cost of our products and be responsible for proper transportation and storage.

    "The first Ukrainian market of chemical raw materials" offers a wide range of products, among which you will find:

    Among our clients are the owners of tanneries, manufacturers of glass and ceramic products, household chemicals and cosmetics, rubber production and pharmaceutical companies.

    A wide range of organic acids of foreign and domestic production is the basic raw material for hundreds of Ukrainian industries. In addition, on the pages of the portal you can find polymer raw materials, solvents, as well as basic compounds of inorganic chemistry.

    Food additives and products for farmers

    If you are interested in raw materials for the food industry, you are on the right ways! Only here you can purchase all the necessary chemicals for confectionery shops and bakeries, fish and meat industries, enterprises for the production of drinks and sweets.

    We have prepared a lot of useful goods for farmers and landowners. Simple and complex fertilizers, feed additives for animals and birds, as well as high-quality amino acids and targeted veterinary drugs. Thanks to our products, your seedlings will be strong, your harvest will be excellent, and your livestock will be healthy. Effective and profitable cooperation with the company "The first Ukrainian market of chemical raw materials" will allow you to competently organize purchases and get satisfaction from the partnership!

    Each client is important to us, regardless of the number of items in the order. Retail buyers will be able to profitably purchase our products at prices that are much lower than store prices. For wholesale partners, we have prepared a lot of pleasant offers that are difficult to refuse. Thanks to our prompt response to orders and our own delivery, we will become the best suppliers for your business!

    Are you interested in our assortment and terms of cooperation? We are waiting for your calls, orders and reviews from Monday to Friday from 9 to 18 hours!

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