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    Peroxigen 35% for a pool tank 10 litres 2847000000

    Peroxigen 35% for a pool tank 10 litres
    Peroxigen 35% for a pool tank 10 litres
    Peroxigen 35% for a pool tank 10 litres
    Peroxigen 35% for a pool tank 10 litres
    Peroxigen 35% for a pool tank 10 litres
    Peroxigen 35% for a pool tank 10 litres
    Peroxigen 35% for a pool tank 10 litres
    Peroxigen 35% for a pool tank 10 litres
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    Promotion !!! When buying 10 canisters of hydrogen peroxide, you get 5 liters as a gift hand sanitizer "Kovisept"

    Hydrogen peroxide 35% for the pool canister 10 liters

    Peroxide consumption rate hydrogen for the pool, subject to a concentration of 35% - 0.7 liters per 1 cube of water.

    The method of cleaning the pool with perhydrol step by step

    Hydrogen peroxide is a substance known for its antiseptic effect, often used in medical, cosmetic and other industries. Hydrogen peroxide for swimming pools is also widely used, however, unlike the one sold in the pharmacy, perhydrol for cleaning artificial reservoirs has a higher - 35% concentration.

    The antiseptic effect of hydrogen peroxide is explained by the release of active oxygen formed upon contact with an aqueous medium. Due to this, disinfection occurs, that is, the neutralization of pathogenic flora.

    Perhydrol for technical purposes is sold in a bulk plastic container, does not have a specific smell.

    Instructions for the use of hydrogen peroxide

    Based on the volume of an artificial reservoir and the degree of its pollution, use the following method of cleaning the pool with hydrogen peroxide: for each cubic meter of water, you need about 700 milliliters of perhydrol 35 percent concentration. In severe cases, you can double the dosage of peroxide.

    The preparatory stage before applying the product will be to remove the debris on the surface of the water. Additionally, you need to walk along the walls of the pool to remove surface deposits of dirt.

    To make hydrogen peroxide mix faster with the aqueous medium, turn the pool filter into operation.

    There is several ways to add a substance to water:

    Manual - it is necessary to pour the agent evenly along the walls of the artificial reservoir.

    Using a circulation pump. With a hose, one end of which is lowered into the perhydrol canister, and the other into the pool.

    After cleaning the pool with hydrogen peroxide, do not cover the pond - this will prevent the release of active oxygen.

    Safety instructions

    Precautions when working with peroxide hydrogen for cleaning swimming pools are reduced to a simple set of rules: protect the skin of your hands with gloves made of latex or dense rubber, avoid contact with the eyes. If signs of chemical burns appear - reddening of the skin or mucous membranes, itchy blisters (blisters) - consult a doctor immediately.

    Observe storage conditions: ensure the container is tight, and also select a place isolated from the access of children.

    After cleaning the pool with hydrogen peroxide, you can swim one day after the disinfecting procedure, if high concentration perhydrol was used - after three days.

    Pros and cons of the method


    Hydrogen peroxide is more affordable compared to specialized purification systems.

    Unlike chlorine, which is also a popular disinfectant, perhydrol is a colorless liquid that does not have a pungent odor.

    Improves the external quality of water in the reservoir, making it transparent.

    Hydrogen peroxide does not affect the acid-base balance.

    The method of cleaning the pool with hydrogen peroxide is easy to master for non-professionals.

    The substance does not have a negative effect on the human body, subject to proportions.

    Long-term result - about several months.


    It is recommended to use hydrogen peroxide for disinfection of water only in those pools where its temperature does not exceed 28 degrees, otherwise its effectiveness decreases.

    May cause allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin type.

    In some cases, the effect lasts less than 1 month.

    Tips for keeping the water clean

    Inappropriate use of the pool - bathing pets, washing household and cleaning supplies - contributes to faster water pollution in an artificial reservoir.

    It is necessary to regularly carry out routine cleaning: collect debris floating on the water surface, remove plaque from the walls and bottom of the reservoir. Simultaneous cleaning of the pool with hydrogen peroxide and other means is not allowed. If rust appears after disinfection with perhydrol, it must be removed with a special water purification and water intake device.

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    peroxide to hydrogen 30%peroxigen 35%
    peroxide to hydrogen 50%peroxigen 60%

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