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    Purple K (water-soluble)

    Gentian violet: features and applications

    Gentian violet is a powdery crystalline substance, a mixture of hexamethyl pararosaniline and methyl violet. The powder is colored dark purple, dissolves in water, ethers, methyltrichloride, alcohol.

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    5 main properties of gentian violet

    Gentian violet has organic nature and refers to dyes, in appearance it resembles a powder painted in purple. This powder dissolves perfectly in various media: water, chloroform, alcohol, propanetriol-1,2,3, ethanoic acid and other organic compounds. During titrimetric analysis in non-aqueous media, the substance changes color. If the pH value changes towards an increase in alkalinity, the violet hue of gentian violet remains, if the acidity increases, the substance acquires a yellow-green hue, with a neutral value, the color becomes blue-green.


    The decomposition of crystal violet gentian violet begins when its melting point reaches 215 degrees Celsius.

    As an aniline dye, the substance is obtained by oxidation of aminobenzene or its salts by condensation of a benzophenone derivative (ketone Michler) and phenethylamine with the participation of phosphorus oxychloride.

    Based on the chemical properties, gentian violet is classified as a group of tritan dyes of organic nature. The substance should not be stored in a place accessible to direct sunlight and moisture.

    The toxicological properties of the substance allow it to be classified as low-toxic, but when it interacts with the skin or mucous membranes, strong staining of these areas is possible. purple color.

    Benefits of using in medicine

    Gentian violet crystal violet has found wide application in chemical laboratory practice. Here it is used as an organic compound capable of changing color in solutions when the Ph level changes. It also titrates compounds of carboxyl groups in acetic acid. As a reagent, it allows the determination and separation of various chemical elements.

    In veterinary practice and medicine, the substance is also indispensable in many studies, in particular, during histological analysis, since it can stain bacteria in characteristic color in laboratory conditions. The substance has antiseptic, astringent and antiparasitic effects.

    As an antiseptic, it can be used to heal various inflammatory skin diseases, chronic skin diseases, purulent epidermal lesions.

    Non-concentrated alcoholic solutions based on gentian violet are indicated for the appearance of pressure sores on the skin, with frostbite and burns, as well as during antiparasitic therapy. Effectiveness during the treatment of skin diseases is achieved due to the prolonged exposure of the substance to the skin.


    Instructions for use of gentian violet are not contains complex precautions, since the substance is classified as low-toxic. One of its features is the coloring of the skin and mucous membranes in purple when working with it.

    It will not be superfluous to remind that when in contact with the substance, follow a simple rule: use personal protective equipment - latex gloves, specialized glasses, protect the respiratory organs with respirators.

    For convenience, gentian violet can be packed in small packages of 100 grams each. Powder transportation does not require special conditions, so any transport can be used for these purposes. The substance should be stored in sealed boxes or containers, make sure that moisture does not get inside, and the sun's rays do not get inside the container.

    How to buy gentian violet profitably

    You can buy gentian violet in our online store, as it is always in stock, regardless of volume.

    Packing25 êã/ 1 êã/ 100 gramme

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