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    Mole for cleaning of pipes 3402202000

    Mole for cleaning of pipes
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    "Mole" pipe cleaner

    "Mole" is a proven pipe cleaner that remains relevant and effective to this day. Simple application and quick action distinguish "Mole" from other household products, and the price impresses with its availability.

    Features of the composition

    "Krot" has been a leader in the household chemicals market for many years. It would seem that "Mole", a pipe agent, the composition of which practically does not change over the years, cannot remain so effective. The reason for doubt is that the composition of wastewater and materials of sewer pipes is changing. Nevertheless, the fears are in vain - the product takes into account all the changes, the manufacturer enriches the composition and fills it with basic components that are one hundred percent effective.

    Contains ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), sodium and potassium hydroxide, and surfactants.

    Applications and benefits

    "Mole" is a pipe agent that can be bought to remove any blockages: in siphons, seals, knees, bends, etc. It is enough to fill it into the drain. For ease of use, "Mole" is available in three forms: powder, gel and liquid. As this is a potent agent, it is necessary to avoid contact with the skin - it is recommended to wear rubber protective gloves when using. If the product enters the stomach or intestines, you must drink at least 2 liters of water and seek medical attention without delay.

    The advantages of the product over analogues are:

    speed of action - the pipes will be clean in an hour and a half;

    ease of use without the need to disassemble the siphon;

    cleanliness of cleaning - "Mole" leaves a minimum of contamination in comparison with a ruff and other means;

    versatility - removes blockages of any type, breaks down proteins, fats, acids and fibers ;

    availability - the prices of "Mole" are an order of magnitude lower than similar products.

    Since the product is always ready for use, not only retail, but and wholesale purchase. Purchases are also in demand in large dosages - the shelf life of "Mole" is quite long, and the product itself does not require special storage conditions.

    If you want to buy "Mole", a pipe cleaner, its price in our online market is affordable. Our entire range of products consists of proven and effective products at manufacturer's prices.

    Basic setting of meanFor the кухонь|Для cleaning of gully труб|Для дезинфекции|Для rest room
    Feature of meanInorganic
    Type of meanLiquid
    Weight1000 g

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