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    Sodium tetraborate, a compound of a weak boric acid salt and a strong base, has wide application in the technical industry. Sodium tetraborate is also called "Borax". This term is also used in the name of substances close to it. Chemical formula - Na2B4O7 10H2O.


    For a long period of time, the E285 additive was used in Europe to increase the shelf life of margarine and butter ... In some countries, the additive is allowed in the production of caviar, within the normal range of no more than 4 grams per kilogram of product. Borax is used in glass making, horse hoof treatment and in the food industry. Another area of ​​application of sodium tetraborate is its use in the manufacture of detergents and cosmetics. In the paper industry and in pharmaceuticals, in the manufacture of enamels, glazes. For the production of optical and colored glasses. In chemistry, a preservative, E285 is used to establish the concentration of acidic solutions. In photography, as a slow-release accelerator.

    Effects on the human body:

    The food additive E-285 is very slowly excreted from the human body and therefore even a small amount of this preservative can be hazardous to human health. The accumulation of sodium tetraborate in the human body leads to metabolic disorders. At the moment, due to the toxic effect on the body, the E285 additive is not used as a preservative in the food industry. The toxicity of this substance is low,
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