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    Kieselguhr: myths and reality of a useful additive

    The modern food supplement market is represented by dozens of unique products. Kieselguhr, widely used in various industries, is one of them. This is a special sand, a source of organic silicon. It has been mined as a rock for more than one decade. But as a food additive, diatomaceous earth, often called diatomaceous earth or mountain flour, has recently been used.

    Kieselguhr for health and construction

    This substance contains algae, in which the cell wall contains a large amount of silicon dioxide. Its deficiency in the human body often causes brittle nails, hair loss and even 58% of joint diseases.

    In industry, diatomaceous earth is bought for the production of paper, rubber, plastics and building materials. It is toxic to humans. Food diatomite contains 80 - 90% silicon.

    Diatomite is an insecticide

    When interacting with insects, diatomaceous earth removes the wax coating from the hard outer skeleton of pests , spiders and many other arthropods. As a result, insects die from dehydration. If the substance is added to the feed, in the same way you can get rid of internal parasites. However, this statement is still only a guess.

    Nonfood and food types

    The difference between industrial and food diatomaceous earth is in the concentration of crystals. In the first, for example, - from 0.5 to 2% of silicon dioxide, which is necessary for the active development of plants and proper fertilization of the soil. Non-food diatomaceous earth contains more than 60% crystalline silicon dioxide. In combination with shale and limestone, it forms the basis for the manufacture of cement.

    What is the use of diatomite?

    How is the food additive used for:

    cleaning the gastrointestinal tract (this substance contains a large amount of negatively charged particles that absorb fungi, mold, toxins, drug residues and heavy metals; they are excreted from the body with feces);

    improving digestion;

    saturating the body with microelements necessary for strengthening bones, nails, joints and hair;

    improvement of the general condition of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases and even overweight.

    However, most of these statements have not yet been scientifically confirmed.

    Mountain flour - for bones

    Since diatomite does not mix with water, its quick assimilation by the body is questionable. In this case, it goes without saying that the substance helps to strengthen bones. However, when it comes to silicon as a mineral, stimulating the growth of all organs of the musculoskeletal system, we are dealing with a scientifically proven fact. In addition, this chemical element has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the nervous, cardiovascular and immune systems.

    How does diatomaceous earth deal with toxins?

    Kieselguhr cleanses colorless liquid from heavy metals. That is why it is often used in industrial filters. Whether this substance has a similar effect on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract is still unknown to science. In addition, not a single scientist in the world has yet declared the need for mandatory elimination of toxins from the body. The human body copes with this without the help of Aesculapius.

    In the fight against cholesterol

    One small study found that diatomaceous earth lowers blood cholesterol. The experiment involved 19 people. For eight weeks, each of them consumed the supplement three times a day. As a result, the total cholesterol levels, in comparison with the initial data, decreased by 13.2%. These results need additional confirmation.

    The safety of diatomaceous earth

    Today, diatomaceous earth can be bought both in specialized stores and online. It does not enter the bloodstream and does not have a detrimental effect on digestion. However, if you inhale mountain flour, you can injure the respiratory system. We are talking about the possibility of inflammation and even scarring of the lungs. Such a condition can result in death.

    Note to buyers

    When ordering diatomaceous earth at a price affordable to every second consumer, you should not expect a speedy recovery. No manufacturer of this food supplement guarantees 100% effect.

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