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    Inozinat of sodium of E631 2934999000

    Inozinat of sodium of E631
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    Sodium inosinate (food additive E631 Inosinate of sodium) is the sodium salt of inosinic acid. Molecular formula of the substance: C 10 H 11 N 2 Na 2 O 8 P ... In nature, it is found in large quantities in some species of animals, such as pigs and fish.

    Sodium Inosinate is registered as a food additive E631, used as a flavor enhancer. Typically, sodium inosinate is only used in combination with monosodium glutamate (food supplement E621). This is due to its high cost. The most widespread use of this additive in the production of spices, instant food, chips.

    The ability of sodium inosinate to cause pathological abnormalities has not been studied enough at the moment, so it is recommended to refrain from using this substance in large quantities. The study of the literature data, carried out by the FDA committee, did not find any evidence of carcinogenic and teratogenic effects on the human body. There has also been no evidence of adverse effects on reproductive function.

    On average, about 2 g of sodium inosinate per day is naturally absorbed into the human body by ingestion of foods containing this substance. In the United States, the acceptable daily intake of sodium inosinate is 5 g. However,

    CompositionInosinate of sodium

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