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    Maltol (food additive E636 ) Is a crystalline powder of white (less often off-white) color, with a pronounced fruity caramel smell, and well soluble in hot form. In nature, maltol is found in milk, needles, refried sugar, and is formed during sugar caramelization. Maltol of high purity (90-95%) is also obtained from the needles of Siberian fir, by extracting needles and subsequent processing of essential oil. It is chemically obtained by alkaline hydrolysis of streptomycin salts. Chemical formula: C6H6O3. Maltol is practically non-toxic. This substance has a whole range of useful properties and is considered harmless for consumption. The permissible daily rate of the product is 1400 mg / kg. In the food industry it is used as a flavoring and flavoring additive, which has the property of stabilizing, enhancing or changing the taste and aroma of products. It is used in the manufacture of chocolate, essences, soft drinks, fruit and vegetable preserves, bakery products, tea, coffee, cocoa. It is often added to tobacco as a flavoring agent. Other uses of maltol: - in the agricultural industry, as an accelerator of seed germination; - in medicine, having the ability to enhance the actions of certain drugs, as well as showing their bactericidal properties; - in the perfumery industry, as a fragrant substance.


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