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    Eritritol (эритрит, эриторбат) 2905491000

    Eritritol (эритрит, эриторбат)
    Eritritol (эритрит, эриторбат)
    Eritritol (эритрит, эриторбат)
    Eritritol (эритрит, эриторбат)
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    Erythritol (erythritol) is polyhydric alcohol along with xylitol and sorbitol (sorbitol) is widely used in the food industry as a sugar substitute, an all-natural additive as it is based on plants with a high starch content, such as corn. In the international qualification it is used as an E968 additive. The insulin level of the supplement is zero, in the process of metabolism it does not affect the level of glucose and insulin, respectively, it is actively used in the manufacture of products for people with diabetes and for sports nutrition in general. Sucralose can be used as an alternative.

    Compositionэритритол, эритрит
    Form of issueSaccharine sand

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