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    Rules and nuances of using an alcohol meter

    If the alcoholometer (hydrometer) shows that the drink is too strong or, on the contrary, absolutely no degrees, then either the device is broken or it is used incorrectly. For all the simplicity of the design, there are many nuances of its operation. The principle according to which the hydrometer gives a result is simple - the device measures not so much the amount of alcohol in the liquid as its density. Therefore, a small alcohol content will show in almost any drink.

    What kind of alcohol meters are there?

    In fact, the hydrometer is intended specifically for measuring the density of a liquid, and the alcohol meter is one of its types. It is used to measure the percentage of ethyl alcohol in drinks, but apart from it and water, nothing should be present in the solution. Any additives will affect the density, and, consequently, the result that the device will show.

    The alcohol meter looks like a glass float. Its lower part is heavier due to the filler (as a rule, it is either shot or mercury), filled with resin. In the upper part there is a scale by which the result is determined. An alcohol meter, the price of which, as a rule, is not too high, can be used both at home and in the laboratory. In general, there are such types of it:

    For laboratories. This is a professional device, the percentage of alcohol is determined with high accuracy. Available in sets ASP-1, 2 and 3. Kits differ in gradation and in the number of devices. In the first there are 11 of them, and the gradation is 0.1%, in the second the gradation indices are the same, but it contains 18 hydrometers, in the third there are only 3 pieces, and the gradation is 1%. The latter is the most popular. Hydrometers in its composition are designed for drinks of different strengths - from 0 to 40, from 40 to 70 and from 70 to 100 percent alcohol content.

    Household is the most common alcohol meter, which can be bought at any hardware store. The device is one, designed for any number of degrees. Its indicators are much less accurate than professional ones. Even if you follow all the operating rules, there will still be an error that can be 0.5%. Most often it is used by inexperienced moonshiners.

    Electronic version. It is considered the most accurate and works somewhat differently than mechanical. The sensor responds quickly to liquid, and the accuracy is even higher than that of laboratory hydrometers. Supplied with a thermometer. The only drawback is the high cost.

    Optical. Such a hydrometer is good for determining the alcohol content, if the drink consists of more than just alcohol and water. Ideal for liqueurs, wines, multicomponent cocktails. The principle of its operation differs from all of the above, but the range for determining degrees is much narrower - up to 25% or 40%. A drop of liquid is enough for him, which should be looked at through a special eyepiece. This is the most expensive option, but it is supplemented with a useful function - it shows not only the concentration of alcohol, but also the sugar in the drink.

    For glasses. Almost the same as an ordinary hydrometer, but it is convenient for them to measure degrees in small containers - in glasses, glasses, and so on. Suitable only for household measurements, since the accuracy suffers even more than that of a household alcohol meter.

    Wine meter. As the name suggests, it is intended for wine only. It is used in everyday life to determine the amount of sugar and alcohol in homemade wine. The scale is limited, so it is not suitable for spirits.

    You can buy an alcohol meter that will perfectly fit your purpose, but if it is used incorrectly, the results will be deliberately inaccurate.

    Operating conditions of the alcohol meter

    It should be stored so as not to be damaged. Glass models are very fragile and even the appearance of microcracks interferes with the operation of the device. Any defects make the alcohol meter unsuitable for further use.

    The density of the liquid, and therefore the performance of the device, depend on its temperature and even on atmospheric pressure. It is recommended to measure the alcohol content at a temperature of 20 degrees and a pressure of 760 mm Hg. In case of large deviations, the results will be inaccurate.

    Multi-ingredient drinks can only be checked with the devices that are intended for this. It is a wine meter, electronic and optical options. Others can only measure a solution containing alcohol and water.

    Correct use of the hydrometer

    If alcohol is combined with water immediately before measurement, you should wait until the reaction subsides a little. The heat generated can affect the accuracy of the results.

    The hydrometer must be wiped with a dry and clean material before use - dirt and grease stains are unacceptable.

    a sufficient amount of liquid, after making sure that the temperature is appropriate.

    Simple manipulations will make the result as accurate as possible.

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