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    Taniny food E181 3201909000

    Taniny food E181
    Taniny food E181
    Taniny food E181
    Taniny food E181
    Taniny food E181
    Taniny food E181
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    Tannins food additives E181

    E181 additive is a light yellow powder that dissolves easily in water, alcohol and glycerin. This component is obtained from the bark of acacia, chestnut, spruce trees.

    Features and characteristics of tannins

    • An additive of natural origin and a low level of hazard.

    • The colorant is used to impart an astringent taste to drinks.

    • Approved for use in Ukraine, an additive with a marking index - E-181.

    • Has an astringent taste, tanning effect. The sphere of use is medicine, food, textile industry.

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    ImporterTD «Industrial chemistry in Ukraine»
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