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    Cod-liver oil Omega 3 1504209000

    Cod-liver oil Omega 3
    Cod-liver oil Omega 3
    Cod-liver oil Omega 3
    Cod-liver oil Omega 3
    Cod-liver oil Omega 3
    Cod-liver oil Omega 3
    Cod-liver oil Omega 3
    Cod-liver oil Omega 3
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    Omega 3 Fish Oil at the production facilities of LYSI in Reykjavik, Iceland, http://www.lysi.com/ the world leader in the production of purified fish fat for food and pharmaceutical purposes. The products are packaged in hermetically sealed steel barrels of 190 kg net, 25 kg cans and 1 kg consumer packaging (see photo). For wholesale buyers an individual discount, encapsulation under the order is also possible. You can download the product passport on this page (see below)

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    OMEGA 3, or fish oil: a real treasure for beauty and health

    "Nothing scares the world like the well-known fish oil." Only he no longer scares anyone, because the benefits of it are enormous, and there is no need to "chase with spoons" for a long time, because Omega 3 is available in capsules. You can get it in the process of eating food, but for this you need to know where and how much acids of this type are contained. Its presence in the diet will improve both internal health and appearance.

    Where is Omega 3 contained?

    Fish oil (Omega 3) belongs to polyunsaturated acids and its sufficient amount can be obtained not only from the fillets of fatty fish. In addition to salmon, mackerel, trout, sardines or herring, it is found in:

    flax oil




    chia seeds

    some spices: basil, tarragon and others


    Other foods contain much lower amounts of fish oil. The norm for a person per day is calculated individually, but for an adult who wants to make high-quality prevention of cardiovascular diseases, it is 0.45 g of polyunsaturated acids in the diet. This is about 70-100 g of finished fatty fish. However, it can even be canned - the harvesting process does not affect the Omega 3 content. The exception is tuna. It is processed twice, so despite the fact that it belongs to fatty varieties, fish oil, the benefits of which is invaluable, is practically absent there.

    What problems can be corrected with the help of Omega 3?

    Smooth skin, shiny hair is just a nice bonus. Buy Omega 3 is worth it in order to:

    Reduce the risk of heart disease. And if there are already problems - to avoid relapses. For this, the amount of fish oil consumed in food should be increased.

    Improve memory and thinking. Research has shown, that fish oil in capsules or obtained from food in sufficient quantities prevents senile dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

    Remove problems with immunity. One of the components of Omega 3 contributes to the production of special antibodies that protect the immune system.

    Increase endurance. Fish oil is quite capable of providing energy by conserving glycogen. As a result, training will be much easier and more intense.

    To prevent diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Fat is a good lubricant for joints, which prevents problems with their work in the future.

    Remove muscle pain after intense workouts.

    Be calmer and easier to endure stressful conditions. It is also worth buying fish oil for a hyperactive child.

    Decrease the level of eye pressure. This is important in the treatment of glaucoma and several other conditions. But the supplement is used in combination - it cannot cope with eye diseases on its own.

    Solve many problems with skin and hair. Especially its reception is relevant from late autumn to early spring.

    To stay on a diet and finally lose weight. Omega 3 stimulates the production of a hormone that is responsible for feeling full. As a result, you want to eat less and less often, and your skin, hair and nails practically do not suffer even from a strict diet.

    Of the contraindications, one can note allergy to fish products, which, although infrequently, does happen, as well as problems with the thyroid gland, kidneys and urinary system.

    How to choose the right fish oil?

    For some In humans, fish oil, the price of which is not particularly high, is considered ineffective. In fact, even inexpensive options work well if the capsules contain fish oil obtained from fillets rather than from the liver of waterfowl. You can and simply monitor your own diet, consuming a sufficient amount of appropriate foods. The only thing that you shouldn't put too much on is salted and smoked fish. Salt retains water in the body, and for those who have problems with the kidneys, blood vessels and heart, this is not a good factor. Baked fish and nuts are ideal for a snack. You can take a tablespoon of flaxseed oil daily on an empty stomach, or simply add it to salads. Those who have gallstones should be more careful when taking pure oil.

    The recommended dose is 1-2 capsules per day with food or immediately after a meal. It is better to drink clean water without gas. To clarify the dosage, it would be nice to consult with your doctor, since some factors can be both a reason for increasing the dose and for decreasing it. These are physical activity, the presence or absence of certain diseases or skin problems, seasonality and others. By calculating the correct dosage, you can get the maximum benefits for health and beauty.

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