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    Citras of potassium is food 2918150010

    Citras of potassium is food
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    Potassium citrate potassium citrate

    Potassium citrate

    salt obtained by the interaction of potassium and citric acid. It is a white substance with a crystalline structure, readily soluble in water, and has a slight salty taste. In industry, potassium citrate is obtained by the reaction of the interaction of potash (aka potassium carbonate or caustic potassium) and citric acid. Trisubstituted 1-aqueous potassium citrate is used as a food additive (E332) in the food industry, in the production of confectionery, canning, bakery, dairy and other products.

    CompositionPotassium citrate
    Packing25 kg sack

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