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    All about calcium carbonate: from production to purchase

    Calcium carbonate is a common, white inorganic compound that is in powder form. There is no color or smell. For calcium carbonate, the formula reflects the presence of two components - calcium (about 40%) and carbonic acid, which is written as CaCO₃. When using, it should be borne in mind that the substance is insoluble in water and ethyl alcohol.

    Calcium carbonate: general information

    In everyday life, the substance is well known as the preservative E170. It is added to foods to prevent caking and as a white dye. Having no taste and smell, the additive does not change the organoleptic properties of food.

    What is calcium carbonate in physical terms? These are homogeneous small crystals that have good flowability and dissolve in acids, forming CO₂ gas. An excessive amount of the latter promotes dissolution in water with the formation of CO₃.

    Calcium carbonate melts at a temperature of 825⁰С, decomposes at 1000⁰С into quicklime and carbon dioxide. The molar mass is 100.0869 g / mol.

    There are large reserves of calcium carbonate in nature. We are used to other names - limestone, chalk and marble. It is also found in the shells of bird eggs and shells of marine crustaceans.

    For industrial purposes, calcium carbonate is obtained from rocks, including dolomite, calcareous tuffs, chalk, marble, limestone. Many of the minerals have convenient mining conditions, since they are located close to the surface of the earth.

    In addition, there are several ways to obtain calcium in the laboratory as a result of the interaction of the following substances:

    slaked lime and carbon dioxide;

    sodium carbonate and calcium chloride;

    ammonium carbonate and calcium nitrate.

    Among the alternative methods is the addition of H₂O to CaO, as a result of the interaction, we obtain slaked lime Ca (OH) ₂, and then carbon dioxide CO₂, which precipitates calcium carbonate when passing through the resulting mixture.

    Calcium carbonate: use in industry

    Availability of raw materials as in geological and economically made it indispensable in many industries. Among the main consumers are medicine and pharmaceutical companies. To understand why calcium carbonate use is so important, it is necessary to remember the importance of calcium directly for the human body. And this is the most important building material for our skeleton. Without it, bones and teeth become brittle and hair and nails brittle and dull. In addition, it ensures the stability of intracellular processes, including the constancy of osmotic pressure and the balance of electrolytes. The substance begins to act almost instantly.

    Diseases in which it is advisable to use drugs based on calcium carbonate:

    in gastroenterology - ulcers, gastritis, heartburn, increased acidity of gastric juice, and so on;

    in dentistry - treatment of caries and pulpitis, preventive drugs;

    in osteology and traumatology - injuries, fractures (plaster cast and medication), osteoporosis and osteochondrosis.

    rickets, skin diseases, cosmetology.

    It is difficult to overestimate the importance of calcium carbonate for teeth. It is the active ingredient in many medicated toothpastes. It not only helps to resist caries, but also strengthens the enamel during the remineralization process.

    As a preservative E 170, calcium carbonate has taken its niche in the food industry . It performs 3 main functions:

    prevents milk powder from caking, prevents the formation of lumps;

    regulates the acidity of products, normalizing its level;

    plays the role of a dye - white color, without changing the taste and smell.

    The additive is considered relatively safe and approved for use almost all over the world, including in Ukraine. Nevertheless, one should be careful, to a greater extent it concerns not food, overdose of calcium-based drugs, which can cause hypercalcemia and lactic-alkaline syndrome. Symptoms include severe pain in the epigastric region, vomiting, mental disorders, and in advanced cases, even death. However, food contains very small amounts of E 170, compared to 1.5 grams of the allowed daily intake for an adult.

    Plastics production is hard to imagine without use of calcium carbonate. The bulk of the material received is allocated to this industry. It is used both as a paint and as a filler for PVC products, polyester fibers, and so on. Among them are pipes and tiles, linoleum, suspended ceilings, wallpaper, etc.

    construction cannot do without calcium carbonate. Not only sealants and putties are made from it, but also used in its pure form as a building material.

    In many other areas of production and human activities in general, calcium carbonate is involved. The price for it is quite reasonable, an almost unlimited amount of stocks and relative non-toxicity have influenced such a widespread distribution:

    Manufacture of household chemicals, from various cleaners to personal hygiene products (toothpastes).

    In the paint and varnish industry it is used as a coloring pigment.

    In the production of paper, it acts as an inexpensive bleach and filler, additionally supports the deoxidation process.

    Plays an important role in the production of glassware and other glass products.

    Source of calcium carbide in the chemical industry.

    Basis for making crayons.

    Used to combat widespread pollution of ecosystems.

    In agriculture, it is popular mainly as a mineral fertilizer. It effectively restores the acid-base balance of the soil. It is especially effective on acidic soils of Polesie.

    In everyday life, they are used to whitewash walls, ceilings, decorative finishes, and in warmer areas they build houses or small buildings. They are also successfully used for interior finishing works.

    Calcium carbonate: price optimal for Ukraine

    Calcium carbonate is widely used in various industries. Despite, that the product is incredibly widespread and in demand, the price for it is quite reasonable. It varies from vendor to vendor and depends on many factors. This is the quality of the product itself, the manufacturer's selling price, and the features of the retail and wholesale store.

    You can buy calcium carbonate at the best price in our store. We offer not only favorable prices for small quantities, but also discounts for bulk orders. To find out the final amount, contact us by phone or e-mail. The manager will clarify all the details of the order, help with the selection of related products, offer a convenient delivery time and calculate the cost of the order.

    Buy calcium carbonate on favorable conditions

    Our store takes care of our regular and new partners, providing reagents with accurate descriptions and appropriate certificates, as well as laboratory reports confirming the quality.

    Another important point is storage. At our warehouse, all the necessary conditions are met, including temperature, limited direct sunlight, ventilation, special packaging. When working with hazardous and toxic substances, there can be no inaccuracies or misunderstandings. All reagents are documented with accurate entry of all parameters. Each batch is accompanied by a separate certificate indicating the date of production.

    Buy calcium carbonate wholesale and retail

    A wholesale purchase contains significantly more advantages than a single purchase. Below are the main benefits:

    1. Lower price compared to retail purchase. Bonuses and special discounts will help you save your budget.

    2. A large and varied assortment allows you to shop for all the necessary chemicals in one place. By the way, when ordering different items in one store, the total cost may significantly decrease depending on the total amount.

    3. Preservation of time. To select all the necessary reagents for home or garden, construction or production, laboratory or school, you no longer need to go to different stores or websites.

    4. Purchase of substances for future use,


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