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    Ammonium chloride an ammonium is chlorous 2827100000

    Ammonium chloride an ammonium is chlorous
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    Ammonium chloride

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    What is ammonium chloride is known to everyone who is faced with soldering and preparatory work before him. Ammonium is widely used as a flux, used for brass, copper, bronze, steel brazing.

    The flux acts on the metal surface, removing the oxide film.

    Ammonium chloride is also known for its ability to quickly dissolve fatty substances. Because of this, it is often used, pre-degreasing the working area before brazing.

    In nature, the mineral has the form of white crystals of a cubic shape without a specific odor, with a bitter-salty taste and with a relatively low hygroscopicity.

    Ammonium for soldering is used as part of a flux mixture. Due to its action, metal oxides are converted into low-melting substances. It is noteworthy that the chemical activity of the flux mixture, which contains ammonium chloride, is much higher than the activity of any other, separately taken substance.

    The use of ammonium chloride is not limited to any one flux for soldering. So it is often used together with zinc chloride, or in brazing mixtures, which include water, soldering acid, hydrochloric acid, methyl orange, ethylene glycol, glycerin. This flux mixture is often brazed copper, nickel, alloys from carbon steel.

    Mixtures are known for brazing copper at low temperatures, which also include ammonia, and where, in addition to it, zinc chloride, hydroxylamine chloride, carbamide, water, hydrazinium chloride are used. Due to the hydrochloric acid compound formed during the reaction, the oxide film on the surface of copper or brass is destroyed.

    It is necessary to buy ammonia to prepare such a saturated flux mixture: ammonium chloride, ethanol, water. When brass is soldered with aluminum, the following mixture is used in the composition: zinc dichloride, tin chloride 2-water, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, aurin tricarboxylic acid, triammonium salt, ethoxylated alcohol, water, ammonium chloride.


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