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    Silica gel

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    KSMG silica gel is a solid hydrophilic sorbent. It is a dried porous gel of silicic acid, it is obtained as a result of the reaction of interaction of sulfuric acid and sodium silicate solution. The resulting substance is thoroughly washed and dried.

    KSMG silica gel: description of the substance and its main properties

    There are 2 types of silica gels on the domestic market: KSKG and KSMG. The characteristics of each of these materials are encoded in its abbreviation, namely:

    K indicates the size of the granules (large);

    C is the name of the substance (silica gel);

    M and K are the pore size of the substance (small or large);

    G - the shape of the particles of the substance (granules).

    The difference between the 2 types of substances lies in the peculiarities of its use. Large pore silica gel is used to purify oils and dry air at 80% humidity. Finely porous silica gel is used for cleaning gases and oils, as well as for drying air at a humidity level of 70%.

    Silica gel KSMG, the composition of which has adsorbing, drying, moisture-absorbing and cleaning properties, has the form of crystals or spherical granules. They can be colorless, opaque, transparent, with black, yellow or white elements. Average, the diameter of silica gel granules ranges from 2.8 to 8 mm, their main specificity lies in their large surface size.

    When dried, this gel is rather fragile and has low solubility. In organic substances and in water, it does not increase in volume - its granules do not swell.

    Silica gel is an inert type substance, it is considered biologically and chemically harmless. Its chemical nature lends itself to change by carrying out various reactions on the surface of a substance. With their help, new chemical compounds are formed.

    Areas of application of silica gel

    Silica gel KSMG is allowed to buy and use for:

    dehumidification of various types of natural and industrial gases - oxygen, chlorine, poorly dissolving water and for lighting. On the basis of this substance, carriers, catalysts and sorbents with a high specific surface are made.

    It is allowed to be transported by road and rail, provided that it is packed in barrels, soft containers, drums and bags. It is recommended to store it in hermetically sealed packaging in dry covered rooms.

    It is strictly forbidden to store silica gel together with water, alkalis, acids and organic compounds. It is explosion and fireproof material. The price for silica gel KSMG in our online store is available, you can clarify the terms of purchase and delivery of goods from our managers.

    A mass fate of losses is at drying %, no more43864
    A product answers GOST3956-76.
    at relative humidity 20%43871
    at relative humidity 50%44069
    at relative humidity 90%37.7
    Content of spherical grains %, not less than98.4
    Mechanical durability %, not less than96.5
    Moisture-capacity %, not less than:-
    Nasipna closeness, ã/äì3, not less than752

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