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    Methyl alcohol, properties and impact on the human body

    Methyl alcohol is a simple chemical that has no color or smell. The chemical properties of methanol allow it to form explosive mixtures with air. It is highly toxic even in small amounts. On the basis of physical characteristics alone, it cannot be distinguished from ethyl alcohol, and therefore cases of poisoning are widespread.

    Methyl alcohol is often found in low quality alcohol. Once in the body, it is practically instantly absorbed from the digestive system. The maximum content is reached in the blood on average after half an hour or an hour. Under the action of liver enzymes, methanol is converted into formic acid and formaldehyde. These substances are deadly. They cause a critical accumulation of such compounds in the body and extensive damage to internal organs. It is the decay products that perform the toxic effect. The resulting acidosis is aggravated by the multiplication of lactic acid due to secondary oxygen starvation of cells. The dose of methyl alcohol, which leads to death, is small and is only 0.5-1 ml / kg of body weight.

    It is very important to be able to recognize the signs of poisoning and the general picture of the process. These facts, together with the knowledge of "Where to buy methyl alcohol" will help to avoid fatal mistakes and irreversible consequences.

    Initially, prior to processing, methanol causes central nervous system slowdowns and intoxication symptoms, as is the case with ethyl alcohol. However, in the last stages of intoxication, changes in consciousness appear, which can develop into a coma, serious breathing disorders, a critical drop in pressure, various heart rhythm disturbances, severe disturbances in the pancreas and convulsions. A distinctive characteristic of methyl alcohol poisoning (in particular, with late diagnosis) is irreversible (in most cases) changes in the functioning of the retina and optic nerves, which leads to complete or partial blindness.

    To improve methods treatment and diagnosis, additional research is constantly being conducted. Thanks to toxicological studies, it is known that the higher the concentration of methanol in the blood, the greater the consequences for the body. A dose of 20 mg / dl or more is already considered dangerous for humans, a saturation of about 100 mg / dl can lead to loss of vision, and at 150 mg / dl and above, there is a high probability of death. At the last stages of the course of acidosis, the blood capacity of methyl alcohol may be low or not amenable to calculations, since it has already undergone chemical changes. Then the degree of intoxication is calculated based on the severity of the acidosis.

    Methyl alcohol poisoning treatment has its own characteristics. One of the most important rules is not to flush your stomach or use absorbent drugs, as they can worsen the situation. In medical practice, the use of antidotes is widespread, which delay the processing of methanol. The simplest "antidote" is ethanol. The goal of such treatment is the concentration of ethyl alcohol in the patient's blood 100-150 mg / dl, which is administered gradually every half hour by oral, intravenous or hemodialysis to people with alcohol dependence.

    An alternative inhibitor of liver metabolism - fomepizole ... The drug is not very common in Ukraine, but it is widely used in the USA and Europe. It is administered intravenously in dilution with glucose or saline solution with exposure to certain time intervals, depending on the patient's condition.

    Another method is the introduction of folic acid intravenously or through a tube to exclude dangerous formic acid from vital processes.

    For the rapid elimination of methanol from the human body, hemodialysis is widely used. It is used when the introduction of antidotes does not bring tangible results and the patient's condition worsens, there are severe disorders in the work of internal organs. Hemodialysis is performed until the complete elimination of methanol from the body and the cessation of acidosis. This process can take a very long time - more than 10 hours.

    Symptomatic treatment is also carried out, which is inextricably linked with previous methods, in particular with hemodialysis. It is important to control all body processes, provide a supportive effect and, if necessary, correct them. In the early stages of acidosis, baking soda (1–2 mmol / kg) can be administered intravenously to increase blood pH.

    Information on the properties of hazardous substances is always up to date. Even if you are going to buy methanol for industrial purposes, always be on the alert and remember about the high toxicity of this alcohol.

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